True Essence


As winter turns to spring,

The scent of blossoms fill the air.

From the inner most of my soul,

I feel my true essence emerging.

My heart becoming whole,

With each day, full, exuberant, and blissful.

Knowing that whatever my life will bring,

I will feel content and have peace.

Worry is in the past and fear is no more,

Through this understanding,

I journey forward.

With only my visions to carry me,

And love in my heart to give.

Blessings will come my way,

For my destiny will bring me all that I wish. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


Overcoming Ego through Unconditional Love


I had an epiphany this morning on how to overcome ego, since I have been struggling with this issue for several months now. It is done through unconditional love.  For the last several days, my ego has been extremely overactive.  This is what seems to happen when we begin to release ego.

Whenever I even think about my Kundalini catalyst, my ego would go into overdrive, accusing and blaming him for the past, and my fear of being unloved or abandoned would surface.  I would then go through panic and anxiety.

Recently with my practice of observing my ego as a third-party bystander, I have begun to identify the thoughts of ego versus my higher self.  Whenever ego takes control, I hear negative thoughts, then fear, panic, and anxiety would rise up in me. Instead of reacting, I would simply observe this objectively and acknowledging that this is the work of my ego.

What is allowing me to overcome ego’s control of my emotions and subsequent reactions is simply unconditional love.  It is this love we have for others that allows us to overcome ego’s manic need for control through fear and doubt.  When we finally realize that our ego is destroying the relationships with those we love, we begin to want that love for others more than ego’s need for identity.  It is this unconditional love that motivates us to release our egos for something greater, more beautiful, and worthwhile.  I now realize that I want that love much more than I want to identify with ego.

I believe this is the beginning of how we release ego’s control, and feel grateful that a light went off in my head today reminding me that my love for others is more important than my ego’s need for identity.  I now better understand unconditional love.  ~ Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Prisoner of My Own Mind


In prayer, I beseech the ego to let me go.

Let this torment end.

For I have blamed others for this pain,

And daily torture of fear and doubt.

I thought I could run from this,

But only to realize that it lives within me.

Anxiety and panic through thoughts of fear,

As a prisoner of my own mind,

I pray for guidance to unlock the cell.

Set me free to live my life.

The Divine, please hear my prayers.

For I long to live as a new woman,

Shedding my old clothes,

To walk ashamed in the world. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Purging Through Ego Death


Ego death is the inevitable path,

Before we can experience rebirth.

It is the purging of the past,

Pain too intolerable to endure,

And memories too solemn to recall.

Through death, it washes away,

What no longer serves us.

The path of our past,

As we reach the cross roads,

Where we no longer can turn around,

Forging forward into unknown.

With new feelings and sensations,

We shall look back at our lives,

Wondering who we were,

And how we could have been.

It is this death that we mourn,

Tears of farewell to a soon-to-be stranger,

The wake for the passing of the familiar.

We find solace knowing there are others with us,

All forging toward the horizon,

Seeking rebirth in this new dawn. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Our Gifts of Companions


During our spiritual journeys, it can feel incredibility alone.  This quest to find what is still unknown to us feels a little abstract when we constantly question what we are doing.  Where is this leading me?  What will my future hold?  The only thing we do know is that it is still unknown.  It takes constant faith in this process to go on to find our way.

I have prayed many nights for guidance that I not go astray or lose my way.  I believe that my prayers have been heard for I have been guided, but I lose faith and become discouraged.  The tests along the way are many, and I never truly know if I have passed.  I only continue my prayers to stay on my path.

As we travel on our journeys, we are sent companions, those on their paths to ascension, and spiritual awakening.  Our companions, although they may not be physically in our lives, serve to help us continue on our arduous quest. Like Dorothy with her companions, Toto, the scare crow, the cowardly lion, and the tin man in search of the Great Oz in the Emerald City, we too have these companions who are there when things become difficult and intolerably painful. Thank you all for being my companions on my journey. ~ Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Right Reserved)

Call of the Wild Serpent


What calls to me is the wild serpent.

It is to the unknown,

To a place I have never been,

But where my heart yearns to go.

It comes to me like a dream,

Where I never believed it could be for me.

I awaken to this new world,

Where the trees are greener,

The flowers are more fragrant,

And the fruits are sweeter.

In this dream, I find you there,

Like Adam awaiting Eve.

Feeling Divine love I have never known,

As that love is reflected upon me.

It is two whole souls becoming one,

Two spirits soaring free,

Two beings in Divine union.

For the path to paradise is long and arduous,

But the reward is unknown to mere mortals,

It is ambrosia to the Gods.

This call of the wild serpent remains in our hearts,

Where our souls yearn for this into eternity. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Re-experiencing Childhood and Mourning our Loss


As I proceed in the spiritual work, I am coming upon a period of mourning. That mourning involves in loss of my childhood.  At the age of eight, I suffered childhood abuse and trauma.  From that time forward, my childhood experiences changed dramatically.  As I begin to understand my losses of joy, security, innocence, and love, I feel deep sadness about these losses.

We also attract exactly what we need in our lives when we need them. Recently, I signed up for a scuba certification class for my summer sailing trip in the Mediterranean Sea.  In my class are two girls, one ages 12 and other 14.  They are such innocent girls who love to swim and seem very happy.  Scuba require a buddy system that always pairs us with a partner in event of an emergency.  Yesterday, I was paired with the younger girl.

While we learned how to breath, and operate our equipment underwater in a pool, this little girl became afraid and panicked.  I encouraged her and helped her calm down. It felt like helping myself as a little girl. I will have several more days of interaction with them, so I will get to know them better. We played in the water in our scuba gear together for the afternoon.  I needed be around kids about the age that I struggled as a child, and attracted this into my life.  There have been other circumstances like this, but I did not understand my purpose with them.

As I drove home, I sobbed in tears for the loss of my childhood, but felt blessed to have this experience.  It became clear what I need to learn through my interactions with these girls, and I am truly grateful for this understanding.  I know that I am being taken care of by a higher power who is looking out for me. Blessings and love to you, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Love for My Inner Child


As my heart overflows with love,

The love that I have for a child,

I give this love to my inner child.

She has been sad and alone,

Hidden in darkness, huddled for safety.

She peers out to see the sunlight,

With warmth on her face,

And hope in her step.

I give her care and protection now.

She deserves love and affection,

When she has only known pain and hurt.

Let her shine in the day light,

Where she can finally come out to play. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Understanding Our Higher Purpose


I believe that everyone has a higher purpose in our world, and it is up to each of us to find what that is.  I was lost for a long time unsure of who I am, and what to do.  I struggled at everything I did, and never really understood why. When my Kundalini rose in March 2011, I began my spiritual journey on my path to self discovery, and trying to understand why I was so unhappy with failed relationships and friendships, and constantly running from my life and myself.

In January 2012, I heard a calling to move to a small city in the mountains, and take a job at a small college there. This job is quite different from any of my previous jobs in that I work now with students who are sexually assaulted, harassed, and discriminated against.  This voice also told me that I must do a certain amount of emotional healing to be able to do this job to help others because of my own childhood abuse.

As I have begun to heal from the trauma of my abuse during these past two years, I have come to realize that I am not only helping the victims in these cases that I work on, but also the individuals accused of these acts. What I have discovered is that as I learn compassion, and unconditional love toward myself, I feel these for the accused as well.  I believe that I am helping these individuals particularly the students to change their behaviors and help them turn their lives around. My responsibility is not to punish these individuals, but to help them help themselves to find more productive and better quality lives.

As I work to understand myself on my journey, I have begun to better understand my world.  May you find your higher purpose in life.  ~ Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)