Soul Seeker – Original Piano Solo

I recently wrote more original piano solos inspired by my spiritual journey and awakening to share this with you.  This was performed on a Steinway piano. Hope you enjoy it!  Brooke

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Lucky to Be Me

For most of my life, I wished I was someone else.  I lamented about my bad luck of being abused as child by my father and having a mentally ill mother who could not help me.  As I grew up, my life was equally difficult meeting men who assaulted me and hurt me. These were tough life lessons for me, and I am a stronger person because of it.

This morning, I was listening to my favorite pianist, Bill Evans who himself had much darkness in his life dying prematurely from a drug overdose.  I never knew the name of this song I love listening to, and when I looked this morning, it turned out to be “Lucky to be me.”

This is how I feel about my life now.  How lucky am I to have found my path, people I care about and who care about me, my purpose for my life through my work, enough money to do what I want, and many activities that bring me joy and happiness?  I am truly blessed.

When earlier, I thought God had forgotten me.  Now, I realized that earlier I was not ready to see, accept, and receive these gifts that I have been given.  We are ready, when we are ready.  Only when we are ready to see the darkness within us can we finally seek and find the light in our lives.

This light can overcome all the harshness and darkness that our life may appear to us when we finally realize we can change our perspective and see the world completely differently. It is finding our way back to our Divinity within where there is good, light, compassion, and kindness toward ourselves and others.

When we finally find this place where we have healed our emotional wounds and given up our attachments to things, people, and outcomes, we will feel lucky to be who we are.  With love and light to you, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All RIghts Reserved)

Awareness of Spiritual Bypass


“Some with awakening Kundalini experience a small degree of ego inflation.  Others become grandiose and may get stuck.   A way out is to work on ourselves over time, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.  To believe we can be instantly healed through a religious or spiritual experience alone is to attempt what we call a ‘spiritual bypass.’ We try to bypass and ignore the lower levels of consciousness to get to the higher levels. Eventually, however, our false self will usually pull us back until we work through our particular unfinished business.”

“Other names for spiritual bypass are high-level denial and premature transcendence. It is seen in any number of situations, such as being prematurely ‘born again,’ having a spiritual awakening and focusing only on the ‘light,’ focusing on psychic ability as a major part of our identity, or becoming a guru or teacher who exploits his or her students.”

“The consequence of taking a spiritual bypass are often active codependence or conflict, including: denial of the richness of our inner life; trying to control ourselves or others; all-or-nothing thinking and behaving; feeling fear, shame, or confusion; high tolerance for inappropriate behavior; frustration; addiction, compulsion, and relapse; and unnecessary pain and suffering.”

“Those who develop psychic abilities who are still centered in their false self or negative ego may believe they are using their abilities for selfless service, but they actually can be projecting their own wishes or other issues onto others instead.  Even sense of compassion can become confusing for those experiencing rapid spiritual growth. They can believe that they are suddenly needed by another, and this may become ‘ego inflating.'” 

Excerpts from “Mental and Emotional Health in the Kundalini Process,” by Barbara Harris Whitfield from the book, “Kundalini Rising, Exploring the Energy of Awakening.”

I have observed this involving those who have been Kundalini active for many years. Because of their emphasis and focus of their existence and lives on their intuitive and psychic abilities and focusing only on the “light,” they have failed to ascend spiritually. Namaste.

Layers of Awakening


In my recent awakening experience, I have come to observe different layers of awakening.  Awakening is an unveiling of our reality; there are many layers to this veil. With each unveiling of our reality, we come closer and closer to our inner truth.  When we uncover the next layer of the veil, there is this incredible understanding about ourselves, and connection to our inner Divinity. It feels like overwhelming bliss, insight, and clarity.

My recent release of my past including my childhood abuse and trauma by letting go of my emotional attachments to people, things, and my career.  I find this astounding propulsion forward in my spiritual growth, feeling like I’m being shot out of a cannon. I fly in utter freedom through the air above where I can see for miles and miles with clarity about my life.  This incredible opening to an inner realm.

I know exactly what I must do to move forward emotionally and spiritually in my life. I see others with utter clarity without the veil of misperceptions about them, and the old behaviors of telling myself untruths about those I love and my own life are gone. I live with the cold, hard truth about my life, some of which I was not ready to see before now.

I am ready to face all that is tainted, blemished, and ugly in my world, but I accept it for what it is, and I can still feel joy, peace, and bliss within.  I do not need to fix the world and control outcomes, others, and my environment to feel happiness, contentment, and joy.

When we heal ourselves, and give up our attachments that which our egos need, we no longer need to fix and control our outcomes and others.  This is what I have found to be the key to pure happiness, contentment and joy for our lives.  ~ Brooke (Coypyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Heal Depression and Anxiety through Meditation


As human kind has progressed, we spend more and more time in our intellectual knowledge.  This knowledge is in the form of thoughts in our minds largely created by our left brains.  Unfortunately, we as a specie have come to identify ourselves with our thoughts directed by the left brain that is more associated with ego.

By associating with these thoughts, we come to identify with ego who is centered around controlling outcomes, others, and our environment. This is not a judgment that left brain activities are bad, but merely that human progress has become off balanced, where we connect less with our right brain activities involving the intuitive, holistic, and spiritual.


As I discussed in my earlier post on “Our Neuropathways affect Spiritual Consciousness,” our physical wiring of the brain is effected by our thoughts moving through it.  During periods of sustained attention, neurons will wire together to create neuropathways directly affecting what we experience in our lives.  Therefore, if our thoughts are based in controlling outcomes, others, and our environment, then our brain will physically be wired in this way.  As a result, we will experience the need for more control in our lives.

Because of our need for control, many may feel depression and anxiety for our failures to control our lives in the past, and the fear of being unable to control our futures. In order to change the pathways for our neurons, meditation can be used to change our neuropathways since it requires sustained attention.  Click HERE for how to meditate.

During meditation, I suggest working on separating from identifying with our egos, including the need to control outcomes, others, and our environment. Click HERE on how to identify ego.  During these periods of meditation, focus on positive thoughts, loving self, loving others unconditionally, feeling compassion, thoughts of kindness, feeling of self worth, connection to the Divine, feeling oneness with others, gratitude, acceptance, surrender, and living without expectations of outcome.

Good luck and see if meditation will help with your depression and anxiety.  Much love to you, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalin Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Our Neuropathways affect Spiritual Consciousness


With the advances in neuroscience, brain research as shown that physical wiring of the brain is effected by our thoughts moving through it. During periods of sustained attention, neurons will wire together to create neuropathways directly affecting what we experience in our lives.  Therefore, if our thoughts involve fear, worry, and doubt, then more neuropathways will wire together causing us to experience more of these feelings in our lives.

This is known as neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity,  and is defined as changes in neural pathways and synapses which are due to changes in behavior, environment and neural processes, as well as changes resulting from bodily injury.  Neuroplasticity has replaced the formerly-held position that the brain is a physiologically static organ, and explores how – and in which ways – the brain changes throughout life.

Therefore, in order to change our neuropathways, we must begin by changing our thoughts to compassion, kindness, and unconditional love. I have witnessed changes in people I have observed who have changed the course of their lives to more positive results in that they met their perfect mate, got the job in their chosen field, and found a community of friends they longed for.  The following posts provide specific methods and techniques to change our brain’s neuropathways as follows:  Rewiring the Hardwiring, Rewiring the Hardwiring II, and Rewiring the Hardwiring III.

These positive results began with changes in their thoughts, whereby their neuropathways began to change,  and resulted in concrete positive changes in their lives.  Along with these positive thoughts, practicing acceptance and surrender will bring further peace and bliss into ours lives.  It is wonderful to see that spiritual consciousness can be explained through modern science.  ~ Hope you find this helpful! (Copyright 2013 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Sexual Energy and Kundalini Rising


After reading about why monks and priests originally practice celibacy, I have come to some understanding about and the events leading up to my Kundalini rising.  The purpose of practicing celibacy is to use the energy that would be used toward sexual intercourse instead for higher spiritual ascension.  This sexual energy then is raised through our chakas to activate the pineal gland deep within our brains behind the third eye chakra, naturally awakening Kundalini that is sexual and life energy.

For six year prior to my Kundalini rising, I remained celibate.  During this period of time, I went through deep contemplation about my life. Why the events of my life had not worked out for me, and why I had remained stuck emotionally in a place of fear, anxiety, and depression everyday.  Our thought also is energy that can be used to manifest our intentions.

This use of my sexual energy normally involved in sexual intercourse was then channeled to higher spiritual use.  At the time, I did not practice spirituality, meditate, or even understand spirituality, since I was an atheist.  Therefore, at least for me, my Kundalini rising had less to do with the formal practice of spirituality, then my intentions for change and directing my sexual energy for higher spiritual purpose, although I was unaware of this at the time.

When we engage in sexual intercourse with another, and if that energy is used frivolously, then we have less sexual energy to use toward higher spiritual practice. Sexual intercourse as sacred union, on the other hand, is co-creation with another allowing the spiritual partners to unite through Divine love and union that is the most powerful spiritual energy. This post is not a condemnation or judgment of sex, but to understand how sexual energy is used and for what purpose. Love and light, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Spirit of Change


Within each of us, there is a knowing or belief that we have the power to change our lives for the better. It is an inner voice that grows louder as we seek to become closer to who we are essentially within.  This essence is our higher self who is our spirit and source for this change.

The biggest part of change is coming to acceptance of our reality. It may not be pretty, and we may see our darkness within for the very first time. It can be quite a shock at first!  Coming to acceptance of our reality requires recognizing that these hurtful, destructive, and dark parts of us is the result of our ego’s emotional needs caused by our injuries and wounds within our emotional landscape.

To begin the process of change, it is recognizing our ego’s emotional needs first. Change involves the acceptance of what is really happening before us, then finding our strength and commitment to act and behave differently, and surrendering to the outcomes in our lives.  These are all very courageous things to do, and take personal strength and determination.

In my emotional healing work during my spiritual journey, I’ve had to change many things about myself. They were not easy or pleasant, but my determination to better my life and to live a healthier, peaceful, and joyful existence make me take the next step forward.  Every change takes only one step at a time, after the first step then the next step.  When all the steps come together, we finally have changed the course of our lives forever. ~ May you find your spirit of change within, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)