Addiction and Ego


As I observe different types of addictions in myself and others, it has become clear to me the root of these addictions.  It is our egos.  Our ego plays an integral role in our life choices, decisions, behaviors, and actions. I first began by observing what is the common thread in all addictions.  It is the need to feel good by masking our feelings of emotional pain.  We use drugs, alcohol, sex, love, work, or anything else to block out our emotional pain.

Ego has much to do with this.  Our egos must feel safe and secure, even if it is superficial and temporary.  It is this constant need for the feeling of security, and many times when we kick one addiction, we begin another.  Ego constantly needs this feeling, and is insatiable.    Because of ego’s needs, whenever we are faced with emotional pain in our lives whether it’s a fight with our friends or loved ones, losing our jobs, going through a breakup, something not going the way we expected, or anything that is painful, we fall back into addictive behaviors.

The first step to dealing with addiction is our awareness that we have an addiction. Once we recognize our addiction, then we must give our intention and commitment to change patterns of behavior of automatically feeling drawn and compulsively returning to our addictions.  Many therapists will use healthier alternatives to substitute addictive behaviors, such as exercise, relaxation techniques, hobbies, meditation, yoga, and of course, therapy.

Spiritually, we can overcome our addictions by recognizing our ego’s need for safety and security. When we release our egos, our addictions also will be released, since our egos no longer control us with its compulsive needs.  To learn to release ego, please see the above tab on “Observing Ego Practice.”

We also must heal the part of us that is emotionally wounded that stores the pain that we want to avoid causing the addiction.  When we heal our emotional wounds, our painbody will no longer be triggered requiring us to use addiction to mask the pain. To practice emotional healing, please see the tab above on “Emotional Release Practice.”  Infinite love and light to you, Brooke (Copyrigth 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


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