Living in an Intuitive World


Today, my intuitive worked overtime.  Recently, I attended an art fundraiser where I won in a silent auction four free guitar lessons at a local guitar store.  I have always wanted to take guitar lessons as I was given a new guitar by a boyfriend while in college.  I left several messages at this store with no luck on scheduling lessons.  

This morning something told me to go to the guitar store to inquire in person about these lessons. While there, I was given a brochure of pictures and descriptions of several teachers.  I saw one female teacher who just seemed like the right person. The store clerk told me just to wait outside her studio until she finished her current lesson, but said that she would not be done for another half an hour.  Something told me to stay around her studio, instead of leaving and coming back.

Wouldn’t you know it, within a few minutes, she came out of her studio, because one of her students had canceled.  During this time, she gave me a brief lesson to see my guitar skills, as I already play the piano and can read music.   We hit it off right away just as I thought we would!   She told me to bring in my guitar later today to see if it is playable.  At the appointed time, I return with my guitar and then she gave me my first lesson.  She told me that my guitar was too big for me, and that I should consider buying a smaller one to better fit me.  

After my lesson, we went to the guitar store where she helped me pick out another guitar.  We looked at several, then I saw one hanging in the back, one that we had not considered.  Something told me that this is my guitar.  My teacher test played several guitars, some that were quite a bit more expensive.  However, when she played this one, the sound was beautiful, like church bells ringing, and angels singing.  I knew that I had found my guitar, and even traded my current guitar to get a better price.

This whole day was filled with synchronicity as my intuitive told me to go in person to the guitar store, where I intuitively found my teacher.  Because I waited around for her, I had the opportunity to have my first lesson.  Then, I intuitively found my guitar that sounds like church bells and angels singing as I even got a great price for it.  What are the chances of all this?  I am so thankful that my intuitive leads me to these wonderful experiences and opportunity.  In my life, my blessing are so many and I am ever grateful. ~ Blessings to you, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)   


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