Chakra Healing/Clearing Meditation

“As Aura permeates our physical body it creates swirling vortexes of energy at specific places which are our endocrine glands. These vortexes of energy look like spinning wheels and hence the name ‘Chakras’. There are seven major Chakras, each of which controls specific organs in the body and are in turn governed by expressions, feelings and senses, including the sixth sense.””As we go through different experiences and challenges that life poses to us in our path to realisation of perfection, our thoughts, attitudes and reactions which tend towards fears or negativity, block our chakras. These negative emotion(s), faulty beliefs or rigid, dogmatic spiritual perceptions have to be released in order to open the chakras.” 

“Once chakras get blocked, the free flow of energy to the chakras gets inhibited and you develop emotional disorder and physical ailment related to the chakras. By working with your Chakras, you can clear away the stagnant negative energy/ belief that does not serve your highest purpose. This broadens your perspective which will assist you in making the changes necessary for better health, harmonious relationships and personal and financial wellbeing.”

“With free and clear Chakras, you realize abundance in loving relationships, you are in touch with your feelings and creativity, you access your personal power, you are able to fully give and receive love, you are open to express yourself and communicate freely, you gain an inner understanding of your being and the world that you live in, and you become connected to your highest self and feel an internal harmony that everyone should experience.” For the complete article, please see:

Each chakra corresponds to a specific sound.  These sounds resonate with the energy vibration within each chakra.  You will hear different sounds in the above video that will clear or heal the chakra that corresponds with each sound.

When I listened to this video, I felt my heart chakra first, then my throat chakra, then my third eye chakra.  First, I felt discomfort then as the sounds continued the discomfort dissipated.  Allow each chakra to release and clear.  Try it and see how it works for you. Blessings of healing light, Brooke


Click on the chakras to read more details


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