Happy New Year!

Happy New Year


The Power of the Divine Feminine


Recently, I felt the true power of the Divine Feminine, and this power is truly awesome.  The American culture is represented through a patriarchal system emphasizing male dominance and left brain thinking that is predominantly male.  Women have been socialized to be competitive and less cooperate with each other than men, and I believe that this is directed by the patriarchal culture.

What if the female mind ran our country and lead the direction of American politics and culture? Would we experience a more compassionate and gentler way of living and dealing with each other?  Would we live in a world of forgiveness and second chances such as rehabilitating those who have broken laws rather than just locking them up?  Would we find shelter and food for those who are less fortunate?  Would we do more for the homeless and mentally ill, many who end up homeless?

I would venture to guess that the feminine mind would do things very differently. In the shift of our world that appears to be moving toward the Divine Feminine, maybe eventually we will have a world filled with love, compassion, and peace rather than war, aggression, and dominance.  May the Divine Feminine rise to create a different world in the New Year!  Blessings of peace, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Believing in a Wonderful Life


My life is very different this year, as my heart is filled with love not hurt and pain.  I am filled with joy and knowing that I will live a wonderful life.  I know that my life has turned the corner, and I no longer seek happiness from others. I also know with certainty that I will be happy, I will share great love in my life, and I accept myself as I am so that others will accept me for who I am.

I am filled with this joy most days in my life now! I know with certainty that this is my future regardless of who will share my life, where I will live, or what I will do.  This knowing gives me the peace I have been searching for my entire soul life.  I will be happy because this happiness is within me, and cannot be taken away.

I am grateful for all that I have in my life with good friends, great interests, a rewarding job, and generally a wonderfully fulfilling life.  When you reflect upon your life this holiday, I hope you can find the good, joy, and happiness that is within you! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy


Balancing the feminine and masculine energy is vital to emotional and spiritual health.  Because of my emotional history of childhood abuse and trauma, I needed strong masculine energy to protect me from future harm. I chose a career that is very left brained based in linear thinking, and I operate very efficiently in the physical world as it  functions predominantly in left brain thinking.

However, since my awakening through raising my Kundalini energy, I have come to understand that the feminine energy associated with right brain functioning is vital to emotional health.  The feminine energy and our right brain facilitates the creative, such as art, music, dance, etc.  I have been trying to focus more on the feminine energy through my glass art, composing and playing music to include guitar and voice in addition to piano, and dance particularly, tango, salsa, and swing.

Last night before bed, I decided to try balancing my masculine and feminine energy as this appears to be imbalanced in me.  I turned on this video where it had sounds of bells and chimes ringing while I lay in bed.  I allowed my body to relax by taking deep, long, and even breaths.  After several minutes, my body began to melt and let go, and my mind began to clear like in meditation.  As the video continued, I felt my energy quieting down, and this softness and quiet came over my energy field.  It felt like floating in water without any resistance or force, just a suspended feeling.

I could feel and see everything around me, but I felt removed from my body suspended in space.  It was utter peace and silent serenity removed from human suffering, and pain of my past.  I am sure this is just a form of meditation, but for a few minutes my world of hurt melted away, and I can feel what life would be like without my painbody.  I will repeat this regularly to transition to living in a different way and feel my world differently. Sending healing love on this Christmas day.  Merry Christmas to one and all, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Only When We Are Lost, Can We Be Found . . .


As I travel along my ascension path, I have learned something important on this path that is only when we are lost can we be found.  What I mean is that we must acknowledge truthfully to ourselves that we have been lost for many lifetimes. In admitting this about our soul lives, we are able then to find our highest path where we learn unconditional love for ourselves and others through healing our past emotional wounds, learn to release our egos and its created fears, live without expectations of outcome in our lives through finding our own inner Divinity.

This inner journey is where we find our souls and learn who we really are.  It is this soul searching path that helps us become who our souls are intended to be.  On this search, we come face to face with our own flaws, shortcomings, blemishes and past mistakes.  But in spite of what we find, we accept ourselves for who we are and love ourselves unconditionally.  This love is the greatest love of all that is self love.

Until we learn this self love, we are incapable of truly loving others unconditionally.  Our love for others are based on conditions, such as if s/he is attractive or pretty, if s/he has a certain type of career, if s/he has a certain social status, or if s/he fits in with my friends.  These  are subconscious or conscious conditions we place on others.  Releasing our egos allows us to move past the fears so that we may see another way of being by letting go of our past patterns of behaviors.

When we finally find our own inner Divinity, we transcend our fears and limitations of dependency and attachment, and live without expectations of outcome for our lives. This is the path of ascension, and living a life of enlightenment that is freedom from human suffering. May you find your ascension path, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Trust in Your Path


This week has been a test of my faith of the path I have chosen for myself.  It has been a challenge both on a personal and professional level. I am walking down a path that is unfamiliar that has brought me unexpected gifts of joy, and much rewards.  Sometimes, when we are on the other side looking across the wide expanse that is our future, we struggle with this change and resist this change out of fear of the unknown.

But unbeknownst to us, there is this great gift awaiting us on the other side that we cannot yet see or even expect.  If we have courage, we step across that bridge that will bring us to the other side, and there, we shall find profound love we have never known before, rewards we can manifest, and live the highest potential even beyond our wildest dreams.

This place is Eden, a place where love is unconditional, our wishes are manifested, and our life is one we have dreamed about. When the book of Genesis in the Bible was written and the Garden of Eden was described, I believe the serpent represented Kundalini that is knowledge of the eternal light and path to ascension.  Through this serpent, we shall seek ascension and finally find enlightenment through our inner search.  Blessings of love and light, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

The Power of Healing


I want to share with you the power of healing that I recently have experienced.   In the past, I was filled with jealousy, envy, self doubt, self loathing, anger, and resentment.  I simply did not feel good about myself or my life.  Although on the surface, my life appeared to be happy as I had a good paying career, was married, and had many friends.  Beneath this facade or illusion was my reality.  I was unhappy in my marriage, felt stressed out by my career and those I worked with, and had many conflicts with my good friends.

When my Kundalini rose in March 2011, I began to examine my life in a deep and thoughtful way. I lived a life of a victim blaming others around me for my unhappiness and discontentment.  I felt lost about my life and who I was.  The change began when I wanted to have a different life for myself, and gave my genuine intention to change it.

This began my transformation to who I am today.  I got divorced, left my stressful life of a lawyers, and moved to a smaller city where I am able to meet new people to get to know them more intimately.  Then, I began to change my inner emotional landscape through emotional release and ego observing practices both found on these tabs on my Blogsite Homepage.  This transformation has been nothing short of miraculous.

My changes have been so dramatic that I feel like a completely different person. The jealousy and envy that I earlier felt toward other women because I did not feel worthy of love and felt self loathing no longer exist within me. My anger and resentment toward those who hurt me also dissipated. I began to release my ego to cope with my fears, and to learn to love myself unconditionally so I can love others unconditionally.  I learned that living without expectations of outcome frees me from the suffering of attachment and codependency that was my life.

I can tell you that the power to heal is within you. This path of the unknown may frighten you, but the journey is one well worth taking. Now, I am on the path to having everything I have ever wanted for my life.  I am finding profound love, I manifest what I want, I feel true joy, and I am ever grateful for every minute of every day of my life.  May you find your path to healing, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalni Spirit with All Rights Reserved)