Understanding Our Lessons through Our Soul Journey


In remembering past lifetimes, I am able to understand my soul lessons for my soul life.  During my soul journey through this lifetime, I met someone who I had a past life experience. In this past lifetime in the 1800 in the United States, this man was my suitor who I perceived courted me because of my family’s money.  I became pregnant by this man, but he left me for another woman.  As a result, I gave up our daughter for adoption.  In this lifetime, I saw visions of this man and my daughter when my Kundalini rose that is when I met his soul again.

I am telling you this story because a similar situation occurred between us in this lifetime, although we did not have a child together.  In observing this repetition of nearly the same occurrence, I begin to understand that we may relive the same life experiences sometimes with the same souls, maybe even from lifetime to lifetime until each of us have learned our soul life lessons.

I believe this man was suppose to learn something important about himself, and I am to learn something important about myself in these experiences.  Ironically, the lesson here is not to avoid this man in future lifetimes, but he is here to help me understand my responsibility in the failure of our past relationship.  When I come to accept my part in it, and when I stop blaming him for what happened between us through forgiveness, I will have learned my soul life lesson involving him.

I am fortunate enough to have past life memories, but even if you don’t, the lessons are to take responsibility for our failures through changing our own behaviors, then forgiving ourselves and those who we perceive hurt us.  May you learn your soul life lessons. Healing love, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


The Mayflies of Summer: Soulmates and DNA

When we talk about reincarnation it sounds like some superstition from the mystical far east. Yet, tell someone that within their very cells is recorded information from four billion years ago to the present and they have no problem understanding this.

Each strand of DNA is made of a combination of four substances in paired together in various patterns. These patterns are a code. A base four code. If all of the DNA in your body were unraveled it would stretch to the sun 70 times. A single gram of DNA contains 700 terabytes of information. Only 3% of that information codes to protein that is makes up your body and all of its processes. The other 97% consists of data, stored information going all the way back to the first self replicating protocol-cell four billion years ago.

This was a complete surprise to science by the way. The scientists on the Human Genome Project assumed that all or at least most of our DNA was used for building our bodies. They were wrong. It is information which comes not just from your parents and grandparents or even your human ancestors. It comes from a web of being which viewed fourth dimensionally connects us to every living creature which has ever lived or lives now.

We have now learned that real world information can be encoded directly into our genes. That is our experiences can be coded. Some migrating animals have coded magnetic maps of the ocean floor. Detailed maps by which they navigate through tens of thousands of miles of open ocean.

It stands to reason that some of this information is encoded information about our world. Encoded so that we are not required to relearn all the lessons of our past. Within this information is certainly recorded memories of loves past. It makes sense because from nature’s standpoint the most important thing we do is to mate and reproduce.

So, yes. There are threads of connection between you and other people and sometimes these threads are sufficiently recent and deep that we have soul mates, people who we have connected with before and who we will connect with again and again as we circle each other through time like mayflies mating over a lake in summer.



Navigating the Kundalini Awakening


Since the rise of my Kundalini energy in March 2011, I have had time to really understand what it’s like to live with Kundalini. It can be a blessing and a curse.  The blessing is that we experience an awakening, have accelerated emotional and spiritual growth, develop intuitive abilities, and our existing talents are brought to a new level.  The down side of Kundalini rising is that the experience is chaotic and unpredictable, it intensifies any existing emotional and physical problems, we are forced to face our unresolved emotional issues, we suffer from physical pain from blockages in our energy fields from these unresolved emotional wounds, and generally, our lives are thrown in chaos and disarray.

The key is to stabilize this Kundalini energy so we can experience a stable and peaceful life.  I was able to stabilize my Kundalini energy in less than three years through emotional release practice, and observing ego practice.  I refer to these practices as my spiritual ascension work. Please see these links for posts on these practices. Releasing ego through observing ego practice will help you cope with any fears and anxiety associated with your Kundalini rising, and any underlying existing emotional fears and anxiety. Emotional release practice helps with healing your emotional wounds, dissolving blockages in your energy field, and ultimately changing your resonance vibrational energy through changing your emotional landscape.

However, there are many pitfalls involved in the Kundalini awakening experience. One is spiritual bypass, another is being misguided by a teacher or guru,and of course, then there is our unwillingness to do the hard emotional work by facing our emotional wounds and injuries and inability to take responsibilities for our behaviors and actions by facing the truth about ourselves.  My suggestion is to do your ascension work alone without a teacher or guru,  as our higher selves are our best guides and teachers. Please see my post on accessing your higher self.  Use these practices as you see fit, and if they don’t work, read others’ methods and develop your own ascension practice.  May this help you in your Kundalini awakening, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalin Spirit with All Rights Reserved).

Awareness of Spiritual Bypass

Awakening Journey


“Some with awakening Kundalini experience a small degree of ego inflation.  Others become grandiose and may get stuck.   A way out is to work on ourselves over time, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.  To believe we can be instantly healed through a religious or spiritual experience alone is to attempt what we call a ‘spiritual bypass.’ We try to bypass and ignore the lower levels of consciousness to get to the higher levels. Eventually, however, our false self will usually pull us back until we work through our particular unfinished business.”

“Other names for spiritual bypass are high-level denial and premature transcendence. It is seen in any number of situations, such as being prematurely ‘born again,’ having a spiritual awakening and focusing only on the ‘light,’ focusing on psychic ability as a major part of our identity, or becoming a guru or teacher who exploits his or her students.”


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Leaving Behind our Past


Part of emotional and spiritual growth is our willingness to leave behind our past.  We must give up the story that we tell ourselves of who we are, the roles we play in our families, and the persona we portray of ourselves to others.  In the three years since my Kundalini rising and beginning my spiritual journey, I have attempted to let go of my past including the chaos of my childhood, the hurt from my childhood abuse, and my continuing to play the role of the victim and scapegoat in the dynamics with others in my life.

Much of giving up my past is to giving up the chaos and destruction of my past.  It is refusing to play into the manipulations involved in my family dynamics.  My family had many secrets, deceptions, and lies, such as my childhood sexual abuse, my father’s extramarital affairs, secret addictions, and even my brother’s sexual orientation that only I suspect. These secrets destroyed the fabric of my family.

As an adult, I replayed these roles that were assigned to me by my family.  I found others in my life who duplicated these dynamics.  I try very hard now to disclose secrets, deceptions, and lies, and no longer agree to conspire with others in these situations.  When one person does something that I find hurtful to others, I will talk with that person about their actions, but ultimately, I will disclose their actions to others.  I no longer agree to cover up others’ hurtful behaviors.

Leaving behind these dynamics involving hurtful behaviors, manipulations, and covering up secrets have allowed me to move beyond the dysfunctions of my past, and the people in my  life that still behave in this way. I am now attracting very different people into my life who have different values and behaviors as I am changing myself within.  May you find your path forward and leave behind your past, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)