Focusing on our Purpose


There are times on our spiritual journeys that our faith is tested and our fears make us question our path.  It has been a period of deep contemplation for me as to why I am doing this work at the college where I work.  My work is arduous in that I must support and work with sexual assault victims, and my supervisor is impossible to deal with at times.

When I took this job nearly two years ago, I heard this calling to do this difficult work, and to help the students at the insular community who are sexual assaulted.  I was guided to this community and college, and heard a voice telling me that I will be given the help I need to do this difficult work.  I also heard that I must seek out others with this same vision who will walk this path with me.

Two years later, I am still on this path, but my faith has been tested recently sometimes daily to stay with my determination to walk this chosen path.  When my work is done here, I know that I will be given the sign from the Universe that I have accomplished what I came here to do.  Blessings on your spiritual journey, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


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