Tempering Ego’s Fears


I want to share with you about tempering our ego’s fears.  Before we have completely released or dissolved ego, we have many situations that still cause great fear within us.  This may mean having panic attacks or just fear reactions in general throughout our day.  Unless we are physically under attack, we are not experiencing real fear, but perceived fear. Many times, someone in our current life may trigger past emotional experiences.  Our response or reaction may be to run away from this experience.

Some of this fear may be real, but most of the time, it is perceived or our projection onto this situation, as the current experience may remind us of our past experiences. The problem with reacting to ego is that this fear may paralyze us and prevent us from making good and sound decisions in our lives. We must be able to decide whether we are running away from our perceived fears or we are leaving a situation because it is the best decision for our life.  This difference can change the quality of our life and its outcomes.

The technique I have been using is “Observing Ego Practice,” found at this tab on my Blogsite Homepage.  Generally, I step back about ten feet mentally from my situation, and look at it as a third person.  I watch my fear reactions come and allow it to pass.  Once my fear passes, I am able to evaluate my situation more objectively without panicking, and can clearly see the different options for myself.  My conclusion may be the same that I must leave a situation, but I will make this decision calmly and collectively, hopefully, with good results and beneficial outcomes.   May you learn to temper your ego’s fears, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


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