The Choice for a Different Future


This weekend has been a period of letting go of my past, all the things that never worked out, but is so familiar. Letting go of our past means to accept all that came before today, in order to make room for a different path going forward. It has been a difficult place for me to dwell for so long.  This old path that I have traveled is so worn that it has a rut in it.

I realized during this time that I have not come as far as I thought as I still blamed others for my own choices. In acceptance that these decisions have been my own, I now can begin to walk a different path for my life.  We begin to take full responsibilities for our actions and our choices. Sometimes, when we are on our old familiar path, we cannot see the forest for the trees as the rut we have walk in is worn so deep.

Changing our ways of behaving and making healthy choices in our lives is the first step of redirecting our life onto a healthier path. Sometimes, we make certain choices because we don’t feel worthy, and we treat ourselves as second class citizens.  Then, we must forgive ourselves for our past behaviors and choices that were not the best for our lives.

Moving toward a different future means courage to take this difficult step, and finding ourselves in a different place where we no longer miss our past.  Blessings of healing love, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


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