The Blinders of Ego


Yesterday, I had a conversation with a student who was puzzled by how her teacher can be so blind to her own behaviors and statements made in her class.  To this student, these statements were inappropriate and damaging to her students.  There are many of us who operate with these blinders.  The stronger the ego, the stronger the blinders.  I explained to the students that most humans are unable to see our own actions, but we only can see others actions.  This is a very typical human flaw and behavior.

In spiritual practice, we attempt to release our ego to break down these blinders so that we may see ourselves in our true light, whether positive or negative.  Ego identifies our smaller selves, who demands to always be right, demands to be in control, and must be preserved at all costs.  I gave this student an example of Ted Bundy who was an infamous serial killer in the United States murdering over 40 women throughout the United. States.  He clearly never looked inward past his emotional wounds and psychological problems to see his true self, but operated very strongly within his ego.  If actions as serious as murder does not cause a person to look inward, then this demonstrates how powerful ego truly is.  Ted Bundy was ultimately stopped from murdering women when he was executed by the State of Florida.

My example is not to scare you, but to demonstrate how our ego can blind us even in committing the most heinous of acts without allowing us to look inward at our own behaviors.  I believe there is evil in each of us that is assisted by our egos in order to continue these evil acts.  It is only through conscious mindful awareness that we are able to change these behaviors that may hurt others.  I also believe there is good in each of us that is called love, and that it is always possible to change our behaviors and intentions to affect different outcomes on our lives and for our world.  May you find the goodness within you. Blessings of love, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)





I have dreamed and it came true,

For it is inspiration that drives me.

With renewal of my soul,

I envision my dream,

In my work, in my art, in my life.

This is a gift from the Divine,

With inspiration to guide me forward.

At the hands of angels,

I share this love and healing within me.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the world,

And this I feel from my inner being.

That I can accomplish all my heart desires,

To help others in my life.

This is the most beautiful way,

I have ever lived or believed to be possible.  ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with all Rights Reserved)

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The Power of Karma


Before my Kundalini energy rose and beginning my spiritual journey, I did not believe in karma as I had no idea what it was or how it worked.  Now having been on my spiritual journey for three years, I am beginning to understand the power of karma.  I have learned that karma appears in our lives, and it is up to each of us to recognized its power, and what we must change within ourselves to change our own karma.  Karma usually occurs with a serious of unrelated events that cannot be controlled by any one person.  Many times it involves our survival, such as our health, our livelihood, and being able to live positively on this earth.

Yesterday, I ran into someone who is dying of aggressive cancer.  If you don’t know this person, you may not understand why this is happening to him.  I learned in the past that he terrorized people he worked with, screaming, yelling, and throwing things at them.  This occurred over the course of many years.  Now he is fighting for his life, and when I saw him recently, he said, “I guess I drew the short straw in life.” What I thought was that he injured and hurt many people in his life, and these incidents were just the ones I know about.  He may have injured and terrorized others.   His cancer is caused by his own negative energy that attracts other negative energy causing his own demise.

My uncle recently died.  When he was alive, he beat his wife and children when he drank.  I witnessed some of these beatings when I was a child, and called for help.  Even as a child of eight, I knew what he did was wrong and harmful to others.  Sadly, he lived an awful life and died an awful death.  My own father had three heart attacks.  After the first attack, he continue to abuse me, and even after his second attack, he continued the same behaviors toward me. After three heart attacks, you would think that he would have learned his lesson to stop his negative behaviors.  I believe that he is suffering in his life from his own negative behaviors.

Another man, I worked with is also fighting for his life from a degenerative illness, who forced others to do unethical and illegal activities under his supervision.  After being fired from his job, he is now trying to change his behaviors, and maybe he will live to talk about it.   Our negative behaviors and intentions that may be caused by our emotional wounds can cause injuries and hurts to others.  This negative energy will attract other negative energy into our lives.  Sometimes, it is difficult to face what we have done in our lives that may cause harm or hurt to others, and we want to attribute our problems by blaming others and to external factors.

Even in my own life, I have had this pain in my left knee that comes and goes, and I believe is attributed to jealousy within me.  By understanding my negative feelings and behaviors, I am changing my own actions and fear-based thinking.  Because I am writing a post on this issue, I know this is a problem that I am personally experiencing.  I hope to be able to change this about myself, as these unexplained aches and pains are signs of my own karma.  Blessings of love and light, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Healing from Betrayal


Betrayal or the lost of trust is experienced by everyone at some point in our lives. We experience this in different degrees and situations.  Sometimes, it can be just a friend who lied to us about something minor once or twice, and other times, it can involve someone we trust who deceived or abused us over the course of many years.   No matter what the betrayal is, we must heal that part which is wounded by this betrayal. The more serious or lengthy the betrayal, the longer it takes to heal the emotional wound.

How do we heal this emotional wound?  I use emotional release practice to release the pain from this betrayal, but you can use other methods as well to heal this emotional wound.  To try this practice yourself, please see the “Emotional Release Practice”  tab on my Blogsite Homepage.  For those of us who suffered from childhood abuse, betrayal by another in our current life can feel devastating, and we just want to shut out the world so we don’t get hurt again.  I have personally done this in my life, and now I am trying my best to heal those emotional wounds.

If we don’t heal this emotional wound, we will be unable to move on in our lives and become stuck in that place of trauma or hurt.  As a result, we are unable to forge true intimate bonds in the future with others.  I know for myself, after my childhood abuse, I have had difficulties forging true intimate bonds with others for fear of betrayal and being hurt again.  However, I am trying very hard to change that in my life now.  Sending love and light for your healing, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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My love to Give


I have love that overflows,

Through every cell and fiber.

This is love I have never known,

That is possible within me.

I share this love with the world,

For pain no longer rules me.

My past is but a memory,

Of a story from long ago.

My soul emerges from old lessons,

To a future of different outcomes.

For love embraces my life each day,

So I give this love to you.

(Copyright 2014 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)

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Seeing Our Own Light Within


My perception of myself from childhood was that I was unworthy, and no matter what I did that I was powerless.  As an adult, I felt this way for most of my life, like I was invisible. Since I began my spiritual journey, I have been sent to a college located in a remote and religious region.  A voice within me told me to apply for this job that I would be chosen, and that I am to help victims of sexual assault, and the minority community on this campus.  Since coming here, I have used every skill that I learned since college to help me do this job.

Yesterday was the realization of how truly important I am to this campus, and also realized that I have been preparing all my life, including my previous jobs and education to do this calling I have been asked to do.  This week, a group of students needed someone to speak about sexual orientation and gender identity for their class.  This is a difficult topic for our campus because of the religious surrounding communities and the many students on our campus from these communities.  I used all that I learned through spirituality to be compassionate, patient, and nonjudgmental, and my persuasive skills learned through law school and as a trial lawyer, and of course, my own experiences with gay, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders.

Yesterday after my talk, one of the students told me that another male student from this class came out to his friends as being gay.  This gave me such hope that I have empowered someone to be true to who he is.  In spirituality, we learn to live our truth, and I have helped another to find his own truth and power.  I also realize that we cannot take away others power by doing their emotional healing work for them, but we can show others the way to their own healing.

This is my motto: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.” ~ Chinese Proverb. May you see your own light within, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Awareness of Self Awareness


The awareness of self awareness is an interesting concept for me.  As I have been writing about different topics each day, I know now why I have awareness and insights on these topics.  It’s because I am currently experiences these issues in my life.

It is my higher self telling me how to heal myself of my emotional wounds.  In the past, I was only aware of other people’s problems and observed other’s behaviors.  Now, I am self aware, and observe myself in the moment experiencing the very topics I write about.

During the past two days, I have been living with fear. This fear has driven me to some anxiety and concerns, but they are unwarranted, and created by my ego.  As I become more and more self aware, I begin to move onto another stage of being and existing.  I, hopefully, will be able to heal myself faster and faster.

My journey has been so profound to me, as I watch myself behaving, and feeling so human.  With this understanding of my own humanity, I begin to understand the humanity of others.  Blessings of love, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)