Dance of the Left and Right Brain


I have been studying Latin and ballroom dancing for the past two years, and I see this correlation between the two dancing partners with left and right brain activities.  In all ballroom forms of dancing, the male is the lead and the female follows. The responsibility of the male lead is to decide the sequence of steps and patterns for the dance between the two.  These activities are very much left brain functions. The female is to be intuitive in following the motions directed by her partner, and become spatially aware of her partner’s body to hers.  These activities are very much right brain functions.

When I dance as the follower, I feel that I do the best when I shut off my left brain and use predominately my right brain. This can be achieved by the feeling of letting go of control, feeling relaxed, and breathing deeply.  The right side of the brain is where we meditate.  When we get to the feeling of meditation, then we can also dance the part of the follower when ballroom or Latin dancing.


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Our right brain focuses on the intuitive, imagination, motion, as this side of the brain creates art, music, and dance.  It also is the side of the brain for meditation and spiritual practice.  When we are able to let go of control, feel relaxed, and breath deeply then we have achieved this meditative state in our spiritual work. Try this to see if you can turn on the right side of your brain. Infinite love and light, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spiriti with All Rights Reserved)


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