Awareness of Fear and Brain Functions


I have come to realize that humans operate and function predominately through fear.  Through fear, genocide and holocausts occur as these events are triggered by blaming smaller groups of people for our economic and society’s problems.  Blaming others is a fear based behavior as we cannot take responsibility for our own problems, and we fear that others are causing us harm.  For humans, fear appears to be such a motivator as we work hard in school for fear that we will not get a decent paying job.  Even religion uses fear to motivate their parishioners as hell is where we will go if we don’t follow the teachings of the church or their scriptures.

On a micro or personal level, I have experienced fear in every aspect of my life. I have observed how fear works within me.  When I experience fear, I begin to want to take control, and this causes left brain behaviors of making lists, repeating patterns, doing thing in a certain sequence, or focusing on details.  Many people with phobias, that is an extreme form of fear, will behave obsessively and compulsively created predominately through the left brain.

I remember this fear-based behavior while playing the piano as I began playing when I was eight years old.  During piano performances that require muscle memory and emotional expression that is predominately a right brain activity, we must be willing to surrender and let go in order to perform through muscle memory and musical expression.  When I performed, I heard this very strong voice of the ego telling me that I need to take control because I will forget the music or make a mistake. I feared this because I didn’t feel good enough, and feared being judged by others as being unworthy. Then my left brain kicked in, and I played mechanically like I was typing on a typewriter rather than playing music as I was no longer operating through my right brain.

This experience gave me the understanding that ego can shift our brain activities.  When ego’s fears kick in, we feel the urge to control and control for many of us takes the form of  left brain activities, including making lists, repeating patterns, doing thing in a certain sequence, or focusing on details.  As I have become more aware, I am doing exercises to prevent myself from going into this control mode of my left brain. I practice this by doing deep breathing exercises that relaxes my body, triggers muscle memory, and stimulates right brain activities.  I will be starting my breath work soon, hopefully, to help me with this. Infinite love and light, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with all Rights Reserved)

Photo source: John M. Eger



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