Returning to My Soul


Heart aches when we feel incomplete,

We seek this love from without,

We long to be loved,

And yearn for attention from others.

No matter where we run,

The void is still there,

Emptiness unfulfilled,

Pain unresolved.

This love can’t be found,

From the eternal world,

As it rests within our own hearts,

For ourselves.

Don’t lament the loneliness,

Or the heart break,

For our longing for love,

Is our own love that we truly miss. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Breaking Dependency Ties


This period of my emotional healing and spiritual growth have shown great strides.  My spiritual journey has proven to be one that is so critical for my soul life.  One by one, I am breaking the ties of emotional dependency in my life.  In the past, I needed others to take care of me emotionally, I needed to be loved by others, and I evolved my life to those around me.

For example, when I was married, I moved to be with my then husband, left my job, and left the life I knew.  After our divorce, we recently broke free from one another to move forward on our own.  I knew that my marriage was not right for me or my ex-husband as I began my spiritual journey when my Kundalini energy rose. When I left my marriage, I felt guilty about leaving so I continued to keep in touch to ease the separation.  However, keeping these ties simply kept the emotional dependency going.

I have come to realize several things about myself as a survivor of childhood abuse and trauma that I am strong enough, resilient enough, and love myself enough to be alone.  I am no longer a little girl emotionally, but a strong and independent woman. I have grown up as I no longer need mommy and daddy to tell me what to do, how to feel, and what I need.

I can make those decisions for myself now as I am letting go of the ghosts of my past to move onto a bright and beautiful future.  Sending my love, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini  Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Rest in Inner Peace


The pain I caused,

Is like hurting myself.

I felt fear,

And lashed out in pain.

With regret, it was done,

But through compassion,

I seek forgiveness.

I know in time,

That pain will mend,

So I send love for healing.

Through lifetimes, I come to realize,

Unconditional love heals all wounds.

Releasing karma that no longer serves,

To a new realm so to ascend.

Let there be healing,

As love overcomes us,

To reach inner peace,

When we finally can rest.

(Copyright 2014 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)

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Lightness of Being


Light like a feather,

Floating through air.

I am free to drift,

Wherever the winds take me.

My mind is quiet,

And heart is peaceful.

Gentle is the wind against my face,

With my mind sailing through calm seas,

Over green pastures,

And lush rolling hills.

When divine bliss is all I feel,

Ecstatic, stirring, and sensual.

For serenity is a place in my mind,

Where only I have entrance,

To find the divine feminine within. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Taking Back Our Power


We view our world and those in it through the lenses of our past emotional experiences.  Many of us experienced trauma or abuse as victims or children. We felt helpless, trapped, fearful, terrorized, hurt, and anger by our past experiences. Through our lenses, we re-experience our current life by circumstances or individuals who remind us of our past. In our current life, when we re-experience these situations or individuals, many of these same emotions re-emerge. During these experiences, we truly feel fear, helpless, trapped, terrorized, hurt, and anger.   However, these feelings are more what we believe to be true through the lenses we see then in reality.  When we give into this belief, we are giving away our power to others.

An example of this involved a former coworker who shared my supervisor.  She felt fear, trapped, and terrorized by this supervisor, so she fled from her job and left suddenly as she feared being fired.  As she tried to warn me about how dangerous and powerful this supervisor is, my response was that I agree that this person is emotionally troubled. However, this supervisor cannot hurt me or injury me as I choose to see this situation differently than her.  I explained that many of the people this supervisor fired have landed on their feet with others jobs, and are very happy now in their careers.

As she is like me in our emotional history because of her abuse by a former spouse and her alcoholic father, she sees the world through her lenses and believed her life to be in danger at her former job.  I believe this supervisor is brought into my life to show me that she cannot hurt me as I choose to take back my own power, and that I can protect myself now as an adult.  If I flee as I have done many times in the past, I will have missed another opportunity to learn how to take back my own power as a victim and abused child.   I also have a purpose at my job that I was sent here to do, and will leave when my work is done here on my schedule not on someone else’s.  Unfortunately, my coworker did not have this opportunity as her fears ruled her life.

As a result of this experience in my life, I have taken back the power that I lacked as a child, and know within that I can protect myself as I choose not to react to fear, terror, and anger that this supervisor tries to elicit within me.  I have the choice to react differently this time around in my life. May you take back your inner power, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Gift from the Heavens


Let there be light,

As it illuminates my path.

Allow this radiance to guide me,

Forward to unknown beauty.

Let my heart sing with love,

To savor the joys bestowed.

I fear not as serenity surrounds me in safety.

Every moment is like crystal clear water,

Trickling down my body, cool, sensuous, and inviting.

Gleaming sunlight warms my soul,

To find my future shimmering in the sunshine.

Two circuits of my heart joined together in bliss,

Forever entwined in ecstasy.

A gift from the heavens,

To sooth my soul in sorrow,

And comfort me in darkness.

I am my own love,

Who is with me forever into eternity. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


Surrender to What Is


I have read many who write about surrender in the spiritual community.  For many, including myself, I speak of surrender in a theoretical sense, but never truly felt this experience or adopted it fully.  I have short periods of surrender in my life when I do not fight the forces that be, and try to go with the flow. True surrender is difficult as it requires genuine faith in the outcomes, that have not yet come into our lives, are best for us, and truly knowing and believing that whatever will come is for our best.

As I have been in my spiritual path for three years now, I have experienced synchronicity sometimes daily.   I have attracted and been brought support, assistance, friendships, interests, and love into my life as I believe that I am on my chosen and true path.  Those who try to injure me or stand in the way of my path have lost their jobs, become very ill, and suffered from their karma that I had no involvement.  Through seeing all of these events, I should have more faith in what is to come for me will be the best for me.

My ego has an incredible grasp on my life, as I can see this now more and more. My childhood abuse and past trauma created fear, distrust, and anger, enabling and empowering my ego.  In the past, I could see this fully in others, but less in myself.  Awareness of myself helps me move forward in my life regardless of what others say or how others direct me.  As I listen to my higher self, others words become less important, and I follow my own direction and purpose.  Each day is a full discovery of who I am, and who I will become.

My future is bright, and my life feels blessed.  Tears well in my eyes in knowing this truth within.  Everyday brings me such gratitude and joy for all that I have, and I am forever thankful for my life.   Sending blessings to you always, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)