Reflection of Your Radiance

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Emotional Healing Signs


During every milestone on our spiritual journey and growth, we reflect upon what life lessons we have learned.  We celebrate the progress we have made, and take note of these important mile marks on our spiritual paths.  From my experience, I believe the most important sign of emotional recovery and healing is our ability to remain nonreactive to people who and events that remind us of our emotional past.

This nonreaction exists regardless of how others treat us or how they behave.  For me, men who cheat on their spouses/families and violate emotional or physical boundaries, and women who remain in these relationships by allowing these behaviors to occur who then become complicit in these violations, trigger me.  For myself, this dynamic became familiar, and I even adopted these behaviors in my own life.  These were the role models in my life, who I had learned to love as a child.   As there are many people like this in our society, my life was a constant struggle with instability and fear.

When we heal our emotional landscapes, we no longer react to those who remind us of our past since we longer have these wounds that others can trigger.  When we release our egos, we no longer perceive fear of possibly being injured by them.  The most miraculous part of emotional healing is that we no longer need approval from others, and when others reject us, it simply does not affect who we are.  We move on with our lives accepting who we are as we are, and know within our hearts that we will have a better life.  As we heal these wounds, we will no longer attract or feel attracted to this past dynamic in our lives.

This is the miracle of healing our emotional landscape as we simply feel differently about ourselves regardless of what others say, do, or act toward us.  I believe when we have experienced this, we have achieved true emotional healing, and we begin to live a different life.  May you find healing in your life, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spiriit with All Rights Reserved)

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Healing from Lucid Dreams


I have been experiencing lucid dreams for the last couple of years.  These dreams are different from other dreams in that during these dream I can move, see, hear, and feel under my own control.  In other words, during these dreams, I can walk in my environment, turn 360 degree around me to see what is happening, hear and speak to others in the dream, and experience intuitive feelings and thoughts in these dreams.  In ordinary dreams, I do not feel in control as it is more like watching a movie where I am the main character and watching events unfold before me.

I believe the purpose of my lucid dreams is to help me understand and heal my emotional landscapes.  In these dreams, they are frequently about something that is unclear in my life. During these dreams, I ask questions of others, feel intuitive feelings, and begin to uncover my confusion of the situation. I believe it is an intuitive or subconscious form of healing.  I am using my lucid dreams to heal my emotional landscape, to understand my psyche, and uncover what in particular within me still needs healing.

Here is a website about lucid dreaming by the World of Lucid Dreaming.  There are techniques on how to lucid dream and the possible applications of lucid dreaming.  For those who are Kundalini active or others with intuitive gifts, you may experience lucid dreams spontaneously, but anyone can lucid dream and practice these techniques for healing. Infinite healing love, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Finding My Path Forward


I recently reached the next milestone in my emotional healing and spiritual growth by letting go of the most difficult part of my emotional past, although I know there is much more healing ahead of  me.  I am in unchartered territory now, since I have never been in this place before.  The feeling of infinite possibilities can sometimes be daunting, like choosing from a thousand options at the grocery store of the same product.

This new emotional place is giving me calmness, peace, and stability that I prayed for as a child. My emotional landscape appears to be less reactive to others, particularly those who remind me of my past.   The biggest change is that I no longer fear being hurt by others. For the first time in my life, I truly feel powerful in my own skin, unafraid as I know how to protect myself now.  This powerlessness was the worst feeling as a child and later as an adult when I felt fear nearly all the time in my life while looking over my shoulders out of fear.  This is a true gift from healing for me.

My life feels simply lighter, and the darkness has lifted and moved on.  I believe much of this fear was associated with my ego, but because of my emotional wounds and injuries, I also attracted and felt attracted to those who would more likely injure me.  As I have released my ego, and healed my emotional landscape more and more, I believe the quality of my life will change dramatically.  I am forever grateful for these experiences of healing as it is such a testament to self empowerment and the power of free will.  May you find healing and power in your own life, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Letting Go is a Conscious Choice


My recent emotional healing and spiritual work is learning that letting go of our past trauma, and emotional wounds is a conscious choice.  It is an intention that we make, then our minds and hearts must be willing to take the next step to let go.  Image yourself carrying around very heavy luggage while walking along a hiking path filled with uphills and downhills for most of your life.  Then image letting go of the luggage and leaving it behind you as you walk forward along your chosen path without this heavy weight.

Feel the lightness of your body, and feel how different your world is around you, the colors look brighter, the smells are cleaner and crisper, and the air feels lighter. This is the beginner of letting go.  When pain rises or hurt is recalled in our minds, let it go into the air like wispy clouds that dissipate, do not judge these thoughts, and do not identify with them.  Remember that they are merely thoughts, as they are not your current reality. This is called “Emotional Release Practice” to release our past memories and emotions that we have identified with, but it does not need to be who we are today. For detailed steps of “Emotional Release Practice,” please see this tab on my Blogsite Homepage.

Make the decision to let go of your past as we no longer need to identified with it anymore, and we can move onto a different future with different outcomes.  Remember that you hold the power to change your own life.  Blessings of healing love on your journey forward, Brooke (Copyrigh 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Beyond Our Past

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Beyond my past is where I find myself,

In this beyond,

My vibrations have changed.

My heart has softened,

To feel compassion for others,

Who also seek their own paths.

My heart has grown,

To hold enough love for me and others.

The shame is gone,

And my sorrow is left behind.

The heavy weight of my heart,

No longer lingers.

So forward I travel to find who I am,

For in this beyond I become the light,

Shining even in darkness,

When others draw me back.

With courage all is possible,

Fear not as you are not alone,

For my love is here to help you forward. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Learning to Love without Hurt


For those of us who have suffered from childhood abuse, we learned to love through hurt, and as a result as adults, we are hard wired to love through this hurt.   When I awoke this morning, I realized that underneath my deepest love for another underlies a layer of anger and hurt, and I appear to be hard wired in this way.  As a result, I seek and feel attracted to those who I feel this deep love, but underlying this love is really anger and hurt.  Therefore, I always feel attracted and attract others who I feel this love, but who cause this anger and hurt within me. My failure to heal these wounds will cause me to repeat this with different people in my life as that is how the Universal Law of Attraction works.

Through my body work, and Reiki energy work yesterday, I was able to feel this deep layer of anger and hurt as the therapist moved my energy around in my chakras and energy field.  As I let go of this pain like wispy clouds into the sky, my field began to lighten, and when I awoke this morning, I was filled with lightness and peace.  This layer of anger is from the hurt I experienced as a child, and the later as an adult, and my goal for most of life is to let it go.

As I have been healing more and more recently with the help of catalysts, who are Kundalini active that appear to be good catalysts, I realize who they are as they remind me of my past, and took this opportunity to heal this hurt within me as they brought me this awareness.  When I am able to live without this hurt in my life all the time, that I was able to achieve yesterday during my Reiki energy work, I will no longer love through this anger and hurt, and will attract healthier relationships into my life.  May you find healing in your life, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Connecting with Our Divine Self


I returned to the massage therapist and intuitive healer that I went to a couple of weeks ago to receive another treatment. This treatment involved body work and Reiki energy work.  I asked her to read my energy field to help me remove any blockages.  During her initial read of my field she felt that I had some root chakra clearing that I needed to do, and began to work around my feet and legs.

Then we began working on releasing the heart and lung fascia or a structure of connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves.  In doing this, she synchronized my breathing while putting pressure around one lung then the other with her hands, and we did some imagery work to soften the fascia around my heart. She guided me to let go of my baggage from childhood wounds, and suggested that I can be free of my past.

After completing this, we began the energy work where she guided me through breathing and using her hands to move the energy around my energy field and chakras.  As we did this, my heart, throat, third eye, solar plexus, and sacral chakras began to vibrate at a low hum.  Within a few minutes, my energy went all the way to the root chakra.  As this occurred, I felt all the chakras vibration at the same time, making almost like a chiming sound in my head.

This energetic vibration of the chakras made a circuit in my energy field that connected at my crown chakra as the male and female energy circuits connected. I have felt this male and female circuit connect before after my Kundalini energy rose. Then I saw her, this incredible brilliant light that radiated from my crown, and my Divine self stood in this light. She is beautiful, and I realized that she is my true self.  She is whole, and all that I dreamed is possible for myself.

I began to cry as I was so moved to see her, and be in her presence, all the while my chakras were chiming away like church bells.  This moment was a true spiritual moment, filled with overwhelming feelings of light and love, like touching the Divine.  During this time, the massage therapist was in my energy field with me sharing this love and light, and she seemed to want to stay a while longer.

When we finished the session, I asked the therapist what blockages she felt in my chakras and field.  She said there were none that is why the circuit completed within my field, and I had this incredible moving spiritual experience.  She said that I can clear all my chakras and energy field, and that I always have the choice to carry my emotional baggage around or let it go, that enabled me to have this experience.

I plan to return to her for more chakra clearing and Reiki energy work as she truly is a gifted healer. May you find healing and connect with your Divine self, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Everything is as it should be

There was a moment before time where we conspired with the universe to create a divinely orchestrated plan to live this human life. We were given the power to create a life we wanted and the power to choose challenges and adversities that would help our souls to grow. Trust that everything is as it should be…


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