Forgiveness to Resolve Karmic Debts


Today, I spent the day with friends, and we talked about karma, how it works and what our experiences have been.  What I have observed through past life recollections is that our karma follows our souls from lifetime to lifetime. This karma we have created in past and current lifetimes effect the way we view others, as well as our interactions with others.

During interactions with others, you may feel an extreme dislike or distrust of someone you hardly know, or that you are meeting for the first time.  Sometimes, there are no rational explanation for your intuition or feelings.  Although you may not even know this individual, you may have a strong instant negative feelings about them.  In this situation, you may have had a past life relationship with them when they hurt or injured you.

When we have had these past karmic relationships with others, our current day relationship with them are fraught with problems of distrust, suspicion, and anger.  The way to resolve past karmic debts is to forgive the other for their behaviors and actions against you in the past.  It is to agree to let go of the past, and agree that it is water under the bridge.

When we refuse to let go of past hurts and grievances and continue vengence against others, we create even more karma with them, thereby continuing this karmic cycle. The truth may be that the reason you hold so much hurt from others from past lifetimes may be that you really loved the other who hurt you. You can still hold onto the love for others, but simply release the hurt and anger through forgiveness.  Find forgiveness in your heart to release the karmic debt.  Infinite peace and light.  (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


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