Go for Your Dreams



Facing My Truth


I have come to realize that my entire existence up to now involved an elaborate escape from my truth created by my ego. The people in my life helped create this escape as my coping mechanism. My marriage, and friendships all facilitated this escape.

When we are unable to confront our truth, we essentially create an alternative reality. This alternative reality avoids all our fears and past emotional pain. We find individuals who do not remind us of our past emotional pain, and convince ourselves of this alternative reality.

Ironically though, we continue to attract life lessons to overcome the obstacles in our true reality and the Universe continues to send individuals into our lives to force us to see our truth. What is our response to this? We resist and run away! The result from this reaction is great suffering.

I have seen this in my journey and others as well. We are so convinced of our alternative reality that we will twist the truth to convince ourselves and others. When others disagree with us, we will shut them out of our lives, and even call them liars.

I have only recently realized what I have done to cope with my difficult childhood and past. Waking up and growing up can be taunting and a shock to our system, but it is time to finally wake up . . . (Copyright 2014 Living Wide Awake with all rights reserved)

Exploring Surrender


Surrender is one of those concepts that is easier said then done. I have done plenty of surrendering or letting go of past pain, but no matter how much we surrender, there is always more. I have someone in my life who reflects back the work I still need to do to heal. Each encounter is a knowing and deep understanding of my immediate work ahead of me.

I still have additional energetic blockages to resolve and release. It is coming to terms with my shame, guilt, and feeling unworthy. It is through self forgiveness of my past and giving myself the love I lacked as a child. These are difficult things to face about myself.

Our childhoods create a self image that we are good, bad, naughty, etc. This is an unconscious image of ourselves that we project in situations in our current lives. When others make a statement, even if it is not about us or directed toward us, we will project our self image to that statement or situation.

It is understanding what we are projecting and why we project this image about ourselves then returning to that place of origin to forgive that inner child of the responsibility s/he held and giving love that our inner child deserved. It will all work out and everything will be okay, little one. (Copyright 2014 Living Wide Awake with All Rights Reserved)