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Facing Their Own Karma

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Before my spiritual journey, I never really believed in this thing called karma.  I was a practicing lawyer and saw criminals walking the streets and corrupt people getting away with things. I even saw my own parents hurting each other, me, and my brother.  With all these horrors I faced and saw in my life, I didn’t believe karma even existed.

Then I began my spiritual journey, and that all changed as I realized that karma is alive and well.  I had several people in my life who hurt me whether intentionally or unintentionally, and apparently, it really doesn’t matter.  Many people will deny to themselves by making excuses and justification about their actions and behaviors.  They essentially deny having committed any harm. This does not appear to matter either.  Karma does not take into consideration the workings of the egos who may create illusions in our lives.

What I have discovered about karma is that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, and also known as Newton’s Third Law.  For example, at work, four individuals have threatened me with termination, or filed complaints against me attempting to have me terminated.  Each time, I did not retaliate against them. I answered the questions posed to me about these complaints and answered them factually.

Within three years, three of these individuals were let go or encouraged to retire, and the fourth one is retiring.  In each of these incidences, I did not have anything to do with their departure.  I found out that they were departing just like everyone else. Sometimes, karma is uncanny down to the last little details replicating the wrongs they had done to me, and probably others as well, and I had no control or dealings with their departure.

I truly am a believer of karma now. When you do harm to others, someone else like a third-party will do harm to you. This is how karma works.  What goes around really does come around!  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)




 I truly believe in karma, since I just found out that my boss is forced to retire who has caused me much pain and suffering in the past three years. I am truly blessed and protected as I am following my highest path!

Change Through Intention


I want to share something profound that I have discovered.  That is all change is possible through intention.  Any change in our lives begin with intention. Once we put our intention out in the Universe, we then must do the hard work of following through.  We all have learned that we cannot change others, but we can only change ourselves.  Any attempts to control or change others are futile.

Every addict, alcoholic, compulsive gambler, smokers, philanderer, or others with negative behaviors must be changed by and through themselves.  Others simply cannot make this change for them, because it will never stick as it will only be a temporary fix.

I have seen the effectiveness of this intention when you make this decision in your mind and truly believe it.  It is like a switch that goes off in your head.  I have heard many speak about just quitting smoking, drinking, gambling, and seeking affairs.  As part of the follow through, we must heal the underlying pain or problems.  Negative behaviors are symptoms as they are not the cause.

It is the fear of facing our pain and the reality of our lives that we escape to alcohol, gambling, drugs, affairs, or other forms of addiction.  Once we face our pain, and the reality of our lives, the addiction also will stop. Sometimes, it is hard to face the failures in our lives.  Why have our relationships failed repeatedly?  Why are we unsuccessful in our careers?  Why are we divorced yet again?

Once we are willing to honestly answer these questions about ourselves, we begin to heal the causes of these failures. Failures don’t lie, but we lie to ourselves.  May you face your pain and reality through grace. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

The Great Mirror


During my spiritual journey, I have observed miraculous changes within me, and recently, I observed another one of these miracles.  I have discovered as I heal, I see the world around me so differently. In my job, I help students who have been sexually assaulted and violated at the college where I work as I believe I was called here to help these students.  I have been the lone staff in this office with a part-time student helper.  Since I began this job, I have prayed for help, and with each prayer, I have received help as they just appear at my door step.

What I have observed is that even those who opposed me during past the three years while working at this college, these individuals have contributed their time to help me find another staff member, provided assistance to me, and given me hope in continuing to do such as difficult job alone. My heart feels full of gratitude and hope as I believe that when we are on the right path, we will receive all that we need on this journey, and that we are protected along the way.

As I heal, my world appears more loving and friendly, and more helpful to me.  When we are not in our highest or on the wrong path, we face failures in relationships, careers, education, and our endeavors.  Until we change our path, we will continue to fail.  It is through these failure that we begin to see the truths and reality about our lives.  The suffering in our lives is to teach us about our darkness, and the changes we must make to leave our darkness behind.

It is my hope that my darkness will no longer lingering in my life.  As part of leaving behind my darkness, I hope to no longer attract those who continue to dwell in their darkness. May you find your path to light. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)