Facing Karma


Many people deny that they are faced with their own karma. I am beginning to understand my own. I have lived many lives with hurt and pain that I have not forgiven and held a grudge. These reactions create negative karma and energy in our subtle energy bodies.

I have been stuck in this karmic cycle, and even with the same souls for many lifetimes. I am trying to get out of this crazy cycle. The difficult thing about karma is that we continue to create karma as we try to unravel existing karma with others.

Sometimes, there are many layers to unravel as I have found with certain souls I have encountered and re-encountered. As we forgive them for hurting us in the past, there are many more layers of pain and hurt to work through. As each layer is released, the subtle body becomes lighter allowing expansion and alternate outcomes.

I am trying to unravel this karma as these relationships are driven by ego. Ego points fingers outwardly calling others evil, crazy, and other judgmental name calling. Our higher selves do not judge others like this. When we begin to see our own actions in this light. We realize it is our smaller selves acting out of fear. May we all find a higher path, and overcome our own karma. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with all rights reserved)


Finding Your Higher Path


We have all walked down the wrong path before on our spiritual journeys, and lost our way from our higher path, I am no exception.  Before we realize that we are walking in the wrong direction and end up in failed careers, relationships, marriages, and other endeavors, being expelled from school, or end up in jail, there are signs along the way.

Most of these failures result from negative karma as we have hurt, injured, or adversely affected others and ourselves along our paths. Because of the work of ego, we may deny that we are responsible for our actions or behaviors.  The Law of Karma is not impacted by ego because for every action there is a opposite and equal reaction, so our denials are irrelevant under this universal law.

What signs should you look for?  The first sure sign is that you are receiving lots of negative feedback from others who you may have adversely affected. There is lots of drama in your life with many conflicts and disagreements.  You may receive many warnings from those who can impact your life, such as the police, your employer, school officials, or clients and customers.  Your instinct is to blame others, but these negative events are connected to you through your negative karma.

These warning signs involve many things going wrong with your life such as loss of income, opportunities, chances for growth, financial loss, and becoming ill, and other strange and unexplainable sequence of events.  For me, the initial signs were a sequence of financial losses.

If you refuse to heed these warning signs before you, you will ultimately face serious failures such as the loss of your careers or jobs, failure of relationships to include divorce, failure in your efforts and endeavors, or end up in jail. These signs are there to help you navigate your life on your spiritual path, so don’t ignore these warning signs!  May you find your higher path. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Moving Beyond



I know that I have moved beyond my past when I no longer repeat the same sad stories and raise the ghosts of my past.  It is living in the present and enjoying my current  life.  I bought a house last month, and for the first time in a long time, my life feels right. I enjoy my days and nights, baking, cooking, watching movies, working on my daily spiritual practice, and taking walks in the beautiful spring weather.  Now, I spend time with friends, go dancing, rock climbing, listening to music as I have many musician friends, and getting together with my artistic friends for vacations.

When we move beyond our past, life is lighter, brighter, and I smile all the time now.  I needed to expose the darkness of my past to light in order to overcome it.  Through these difficulties, I am forced to see my life as it really is, and exposing this reality to myself. It is exposing this darkness and facing this darkness that has allowed the light to shine in my current life.

When my life remains positive through synchronicity since I am rewarded, I know that I am on the right path.  Every time I walk down the wrong path, I immediately am alerted because of my failures and things going terribly wrong in my life.  Face your darkness so you can bring light into your life. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)