Self Healing





Healing through Love


Since starting my Reiki class several months ago, I have begun to help others with their healing through Reiki.  This weekend, I visited friends in another state.  I have not seen them in over a year, and I moved from there about three years ago.

One of my friends recently had a kidney stone attack and also was experiencing terrible headaches.  After we met for lunch, we walked to a nearby park. While lying down on a park bench, I began to move my hands over her left kidney where I sensed pain.  I could feel the agonizing pain around her kidney and urethra through which the kidney stone passed.   I also could feel her pain in her head and down her face.

After moving my hands around her body, head, and face, I was able to help subside the pain.  Because of all this pain, she held so much of her anxiety in her chest and stomach.  Slowly we worked through the pain and anxiety, and she told me that she felt numbness where she had originally felt pain, and was amazed about feeling better.

After helping her, I felt this rush of love for her, and such joy that I was able to help my friend through a difficult recovery.  I have another friend who recently gave birth, and will try Reiki with her to help her through her birthing recovery.  It is amazing that we can feel this overwhelming love for those we can help through their healing. (Copyright 2014 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Karma: Beyond Hurt


We all come into this world with past or present karma. Many speak about karma in a very negative way as if it is shameful or bad, clearly just ego judging.  What I have learned is resolving karma changes the path of our souls. It is a miraculous albeit painful process.  Many avoid those with whom they have karma, but I think this is a mistake.  I truly believe they are brought into our lives to change our soul life forever.

My soul connected in past lifetimes with someone I met in this lifetime.  My past life with him ended in heart break and suffering as he left me for another women after I became pregnant with his daughter. I had to give up my daughter for adoption as an unwed mother in the 1800’s in the U.S.  I never forgave him for what he did to me and our daughter.  I continued to look for our daughter through various lifetimes.

In this lifetime, I again became connected with the soul of the same man and again another woman came between us. I believe this is the karma I needed to resolve in this lifetime. This time instead hanging onto the hurt and resentment, I forgave them and let go of the pain associated with this situation.

Recently, I connected with the soul of my friend’s baby as my friend recently gave birth to a daughter.  Just as my friend’s water broke, I heard a voice that I believe to be her baby’s voice to telephone my friend.  I even experienced this baby’s  birth etherically as I was not in the birthing room with them.

My friend has asked me to help her with caring for her baby, so I plan to spend time with mom and baby in the next few weeks during my friend’s recovery. I believe this is to help me emotionally heal from the pain of losing my own daughter during my past lifetime.  May you find forgiveness and love after resolving your karma! (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey With All Rights Reserved)

What is Meant For Us

i-may-not-have-gone-where-i-intended-to-go-but-i-think-i-have-ended-up-where-i-needed-to-be-quote-1During my four year spiritual journey, I have learned some important lessons. One such lesson is that if something is meant for us, it will come to us simply without complications and obstacles.  If obstacles and extreme complications exist at its inception, then it is not intended for us.

An example involved my current job at a time in my life three years ago when I was changing careers.  I applied for many positions, but I easily received an offer from the current college where I work.  The job description appeared to be written for me, and my background fit their needs. I am not saying that I don’t need to work hard or that this job has no difficulties as it does.  However, I easily was the top candidate as I was told by others.

Similarly, how we meet others in relationships is the same way. When I met people where there were obstacles and complications, those relationships never lasted as they were not meant for me. The truth is that life is not messy, but our egos make it messy. What is meant for us is simple and uncomplicated without obstacles. If the Universe intends something for us, it will come naturally without obstacles in our way.

I am carefully observing how I meet people, the basis for that connection, and how simply something happens.  If it is messy with too many complications and obstacles, I must reevaluate whether this relationship, job,or situation is actually meant for me. This could save us a lot of heart ache, and unnecessary suffering. (Copyright 2015 with All a Rights Reserved)