Reiki Attunement Experience

imageI want to share with you my experience during my Reiki Attunement process.  The purpose of attunement is to help open the pathway in the body to expand energy for healing.  Reiki has three levels of training and an attunement is required for each level.  Last night, I received my level II attunement.

The purpose of the level II attunement is to better distinguish between emotional, physical, and mental energy, and learning how to use them during the energy healing process. During my attunement by a Reiki Master, I saw beautiful bright lights like the aurora borealis as he moved energy above and around my body.

I also saw what I believe to be a past life memory as I also experienced this during my level I attunement. In this vision, I saw a farm with two little girls and their mother with chickens running around the yard and a large old fashion windmill on it.  I also saw an old fashion rusty red truck from the first turn of the century driving down a dirt road. I believe this was my home and family farm.

After the attunement, I began to use the emotional, physical, and mental energy during the Reiki healing process.  The three different energies actually feel different to me, and I will report back about my progress. (Copyright 2015 awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


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