Divine Power



How It Works!


On my spiritual journey, I was called three years ago to go to a college located in a small rural community to help this school with sexual assault/violence on its campus.  After arriving to this college, I had been working alone until recently with a part-time student to run this newly created office for three years.

Recently, I finally was given permission to hire a new staff member who has been a great asset to the office, and we have been looking to hire a part-time administrative assistant.  Today, we found her.  My team, as I call them, have been sent to help me with this important mission I am given.

It is as if I am sent others to help me, and I no longer feel alone anymore.  For three years, I felt like a solo warrior building this office and struggling alone.  These individuals sent to me seem to be the right fit, as they appear to be seeking me, just as I am seeking them.

What a miracle I am witnessing on my spiritual journey, as each day appears more miraculous than the next. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Beyond Resistance


Into the beyond, resistance ends,

Without ego to expect and control.

It ends our suffering,

What is meant to be, just is.

We are sent this message from the beyond.

The Divine calls us to let it go.

Let it flow through surrender.

No need to direct or force.

We learn our lessons the hard way.

Let yourself be part of the Universe,

Energy flowing into the beyond.

Accept the change,

Feel the force and the beauty.

‘Cause what will be will be.

So set it free . . .

(Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)