Meeting Our Soulmates


The use of “soulmates” has come to mean our true love in our society, but soulmates can be anyone who incarnates with us in our soul group. It can be our dear friend, a family member, or someone we’ve met with whom we have a deep and intense soul connection and we feel deep love for them.  I have met several soulmates in my lifetime, and even married one of them.

Our soulmates are compatible with us in many ways such as spiritual, energetic, mental, intellectual, and may share similar interests and beliefs, but do not necessarily have a sexual connection with us.  There is a deep level of comfort and familiarity with them, but the connection may be platonic and not intensely romantic or sexual in nature.

When I met my soulmates, I immediately felt a level of comfort, safety, and deep connection that I never felt with others.  I believed this connection to be a romantic one until I realized the sexual connection was off and over time, it became less and less desirable to be physically intimate with them.  The strange thing was that my love for my soulmates remained strong and intense, but I realized later that we were not meant to be romantic partners or Twin Flames.

Letting go of this romantic notion of my soulmates was difficult, but in letting go, I accepted what the Universe was telling me about these relationships.  Over time, I have come to accept that I have many soulmates during this lifetime on this physical plane, and I cherish these soulmates for the purpose they serve in my life .  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


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