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imageGrief is the rain that pours from the Heart, the Soul, and the eyes. I AM Grateful for grief and its process because it allows me to know that I AM Alive and that I have Loved, and been Loved. There must be rain in order for flowers to grow. And after the Rain comes the Rainbow. So I will say to you… let it rain! By Contributing Writer Jennifer Deisher

Source: Let It Rain – Finding Gratitude in Grief | Wake Up World


Trading Addictions

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Emotional dependency is a form of addiction. Most of us are emotionally dependent on others without even realizing it.  Do we seek comfort, companionship, and support from others to function?  We all need comfort, companionship, and support, but we must be able to give this to ourselves first instead of seeking these from others.  Learning self care or self love is the path to independence.  Many in the spiritual community speak about self love, but only symbolically without integrating this into their lives.

Most commonly, we trade one relationship for another in the hopes that the next person can give us what we need.  We may say to ourselves, I just married the wrong person, my girlfriend/boyfriend was not the right one, or my partner is crazy, mean, or selfish.  Regrettably, this simply is not the truth.  The truth is that we chose these individuals out of dependency.  Until we resolve this emotional dependency addiction within ourselves, we will simply repeat this addiction behaviors with another.

I have observed this within myself and others who insist that they love themselves and have overcome their past emotional dependencies.  However, they have engaged either actively or passively with others seeking this comfort, companionship, and support because they fear being alone.  It is this fear that drives us to the next dependency relationship, as if hanging onto a life preserver while stranded in the open ocean without a boat.

The path to self love is to learn to be alone, and be able to give ourselves comfort, companionship, support without running to the safe harbor that is the next relationship or person who will fill that void and satisfy our emotional dependency addiction which we have become habituated.  May you find freedom from your dependencies. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Present Dreams


There comes a time on our spiritual journeys that we look forward to the actual journey and not just our destination.  It is the unfolding sometimes every day of the unknown and the un-directed.  When we are willing to let go of ego, we will take this journey frequently alone to find our true selves without others to tell us, manage us, or direct us as they see us.  We are now finding our higher path directed by our souls and higher selves.

This transcendence into another way of living, feeling, and being is all very new for me as I have always lived a dependent life. This dependency caused me to be imprisoned within a world of powerlessness and fear.  Finally, I am living a life without needing others’ approval or love to survive.  This life is empowering and frees me from my own bondage. For the first time, I look forward to my future, not in fear or trepidation, but excitement and exuberance.

The next phase of my life is symbolized by the recent lunar eclipse that has opened a portable to new beginnings as we surrender our past for the present.  This is a time full of endless possibilities, joy, love, and peace if we are willing to take the leap, by letting go of fear of the unknown. Allow this time to make the change you have always dreamed as we walk into the unknown toward our destination.  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)