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Understanding the Law of Attraction


During this week in Miami Beach, I met many different people on my travels.  This gave me a better understanding about the Law of Attraction and how it works.  Under the Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like energy.  Thoughts, focus, intentions, emotional states, mental states, etc. all translate to a certain vibrational frequency.

So how does this work in reality?  There are multiple factors working at the same time.  First, there is our mental and emotional states that determine our fundamental vibrational frequency, or baseline frequency.  This baseline vibrational frequency is the most important frequency in attracting others. Our thoughts, intentions, and focus create a secondary layer of our vibrational frequency.  Therefore, thinking and focusing on positive and happy thoughts can improve our vibrational frequency, but does not fundamentally change it.

Emotional wounds such as trauma, abuse, and other injuries through lifetimes determine our baseline vibrational frequency.  These emotional wounds remain with our souls throughout our lifetimes.  Therefore, even if you have positive intentions, thoughts and focus during each lifetime, it cannot change our baseline frequency, until we have healed our emotional wounds.

Many in the spiritual community focus only on positive thoughts and intentions, but this is not enough to change our fundamental vibrational frequency.  We still will attract many negative and unhealthy people, events, and situations into our lives.  That is, we attract what we are and not what we want, so we will continue to attract what we are.

For example, for most of this lifetime, I have attracted sexually abusive men and mental ill women into my life either as supervisors, coworkers, lovers, or friends.  Because of my sexual abuse history with my father resulting in unhealed trauma, sexually abusive men can sense and feel this particular vibrational frequency.  These men exploited my emotional wounds because they too are emotionally wounded.

Interestingly, I observed these men sexually abusing and exploiting other women on the Internet with similar histories as mine by charming their way into their lives, through compliments and giving these women the attention they so need.  These men go from woman to woman, even married ones, until they tire of them frequently destroying marriages, passing on their sexually transmitted diseases, preying on your kindness to support their financial needs, and simply leaving destruction in their wake while continuing their philandering.

For these men who can manipulate energy, they are extremely proficient at attracting wounded women by using their sexual energy to lure us.  Do not be misled as this attraction is not love, it is not a soulmate or twin flame, it is unhealthy, and it is destructive, although it may feel familiar, comfortable, or effortless.  Because of our own emotional wounds or trauma, the secrecy, excitement, and attention from these men feel normal and familiar.  Other women on the Internet have shared these similar experiences.

Take a good look at your life.  Are you suffering? Are you losing finances? Are you destroying other relationships in your lives?  Is your life falling apart or becoming unhealthier by being involved with this person?  Are you taking on this person’s financial, emotional, or mental problems? These are sure signs that you are attracted based on unhealed emotional wounds or trauma.

What I have observed is that after I healed my emotional trauma from my sexual abuse, my attraction to these men simply vanished. That is, I no longer vibrate at the same vibrational frequency as them.  This attraction can be physical, sexual, or emotional.  Now,  I may even feel repulsion based on their vibrational frequency.

The only way to change this attraction is to heal our emotional wounds.  I have shared my healing methods and techniques in the tabs on the top of my website homepage, so please peruse them for processes that may work for you.  While you are recovering, use your intuition to determine the intentions of these individuals toward you and protect yourselves while you are still healing.

Therefore, simply thinking and focusing on the positive are not enough to truly attract what we want, as we have not changed what we are internally so we will continue to attract the same. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Beach Yoga


During my trip to Miami Beach, I am keeping up with my yoga practice.  I took a yoga class on the beach, and it was my first one on the beach.  What I loved most about practicing in nature is the ability to quickly ground, and become centered.  Although it was very windy, and the sand blew into our faces,  what was amazing was that as the class continued, the asanas or postures became more fluid and easier to complete its full expression.

As we went into shavasana or relaxation, I felt the most dramatic experience as lying in the sand allowed my body to ground completely into the earth. It also felt differently than being indoors as the clouds hung so low that it seemed like we were suspended in the clouds and resting in heaven.  It also felt very peaceful and serene.  I highly recommend yoga in nature as it enhances the experience and practice. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)