Turning Point


In every recovery, there is a turning point and on every journey, there is a point we turn a corner and never look back. I am at such a turning point on my journey.  The fears that I carried around with me for my soul life, I am slowly overcoming with each day, and it is getting easier and easier to live my life in harmony, security, and peace.  These changes are all internal, and my inner world has changed so dramatically for the better.

Since I began posting the series on Rewiring the Hardwiring of the brain, Rewiring the Hardwiring – Part II, and Rewiring the Hardwiring – Part III, I began the imagery and mental exercised recommended in these articles a few minutes each day by weakening the negative memories that arise, and supporting the positive memories that arise.  I can report that my normal negative thoughts and the subsequent compulsive behaviors are beginning to change.   The mental exercises can be done quickly and instantly taking only a few seconds.  These exercises must be repeated regularly for the brain circuitry to rewire.

After practicing this for only five days, I already am feeling the positive effects of this practice.  Please try this practice and see if your addictions, compulsions, and other negative behaviors begin to change and transform, while feeling more positive with less fears and with more peace.  Please leave me a comment on your thoughts and practices below.  I look forward to your comments!  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


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