Healing the Darkness Within


The focus of darkness is fear. Those who live in this darkness use fear to perpetuate this darkness. Since my moving to a small remote town where I work at a college helping sexually and physically assaulted students, I have been surrounded by darkness. All around me is fear, and darkness looms here. The relationships that I had here and people I met here operate in this darkness and have come to accept this darkness as their own.

Since being here, I have been threatened with termination regularly by my supervisor, back stabbing and attempts to have me terminated by my coworkers, and outright sabotaging my programs by my supervisor and coworkers. In my romantic relationship here, I was sexually assaulted, contracted a sexual transmitted disease from him that causes cervical cancer, and was betrayed and deceived by this man who carried on a relationship with a married woman.

Prior to my incarnation to this lifetime, I believe that my soul decided to come here to overcome the darkness through healing my emotional wounds within me. It was a soul contract with others to help me overcome this darkness through healing these emotional wounds, so I no longer will attract this darkness into my soul life. Through this healing, I learned self love and worth, to overcome my fears, and compassion for myself and others.

In my own attempt to overcome my darkness, I was able to drive out these dark forces from my life and at this college.  My supervisor who is the president has been asked to leave this college.  Three of my coworkers who tried to have me terminated and sabotaged my program were themselves terminated, and I believe, many more will be forced to leave in the near future. I also no longer interact with the man with whom I was involved romantically or his mistress. Ironically, their destructive relationship broke up both their own marriages and family.

I truly believe bringing light into my own life has given me the power to drive out darkness I attracted into my life and in my world. It first begins with each of us to shine that light over our own darkness before we can help our world drive out its darkness. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


5 comments on “Healing the Darkness Within

  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us! God bless you! Arise, shine; for our light has come and God’s glory has risen upon us! Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” and “You are the light of the world” Light always overcomes the darkness! Thank God!!

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