You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide!


My childhood was not an easy one, I was born to a mentally ill and emotionally abusive mother and sexually and physically abusive and philandering father.  My childhood abuse and trauma left me emotionally, psychologically, and energetically wounded.  In my attempt to cope with my mental conditions, my therapist felt it was best for me to refrain from contacts with my parents, so I don’t become further injured.  I have one brother who I feel very protective as he was quite timid and was picked on by bullies as a child.

I believed that if I ran away from those who hurt me that I was rid of my past.  Well, no.  Those who resembled my father and mother, even my brother followed me repeatedly throughout my life, as I continued my escape from them.  What I have learned is that even if you avoid and attempt to escape your past, your past will follow and catch up with you whether you want it or not.

Four years ago, my Kundalini energy rose and again I encountered my mother and father in my current life.  I fell in love with a sexually abusive and philandering man, and work at a college for a mentally ill and emotionally abusive woman. I even encountered my brother, represented by a man who works for me now.   After my Kundalini energy rose and I began my emotional recovery work, I started to see my life for what it is and to face the truth about myself and my reality.  It was not an easy revelation, but one that my soul needed to face and resolve.

Today is my graduation day as I am facing my mentally ill and emotionally abusive supervisor of whom I am no longer afraid, along with the man who works for me and represents my brother similar to my childhood.  I am helping this man overcome his fears and to help him face his past.  It is a day of celebration instead of a day of dread. We shall overcome the pain and fears in our world by filling it with love and peace through letting go of our own pain and fears and filling it with our own love and peace. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


2 comments on “You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide!

  1. Wow- I can relate. If it wasn’t for a very few close friends, who knew how to pray for me in a way that broke the chains of memories off of me, and allowed me to see what healthy relationships are like. Its a process, but I don’t carry the weight of those memories anymore.


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