Life is Like Kitesurfing


I am spending some time in Florida for much needed rest and relaxation, while it is snowing in my hometown. During my trip, I met many kindred spirits and like-minded people who are all waking and coming into their own awareness.

One woman I met here during dinner is from London who is a gifted photographer and shoots photos that look like paintings.  Her intuition tells her to move to Los Angeles where she will meet the man who is intended for her.  There, she also will flourish in her career as a professional photographer, and will make her life there.

I met another woman from Hamburg, Germany who I shared my room at my hostel.  She recently met the man intended for her after many years of being alone and focusing on her career.  She explained that she feels comfortable being alone, and feels happy in her life now.  Suddenly, she met a man who fell deeply in love with her without warning.

Life is like kitesurfing as waves can come up suddenly without warning to sweep us away unexpectedly with excitement.  Like kitesurfing, we use our intuition and instinct to follow and maneuver the waves into our future. Like these woman I encountered, my intuition is guiding me, and I will move onto the life that is intended for me, not like my past, but in my present.  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


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