Full Moon and Our Intuition


During this time, it is a phase of the full moon over Miami where I am visiting on vacation.  During this full moon, this is an opportunity to explore our intuitive side.  The above photo is the full moon over Miami Beach showing its reflections upon the ocean waves.

During my trip to Miami, I am exploring my intuition to practice using these intuitive abilities.  When I am in someone’s aura, I can sense and feel other’s intentions, thoughts, and emotional states.  I also can feel and sense this while I am connecting with others by telephone.

Practicing this technique gives me a great sense of empowerment with the power of self protection as I no longer fear being injured by others.  Sometimes just spending a few minutes with others help me determined their intentions towards me, thoughts about me, and their general emotional and mental health.

As I have traveled all over the world alone, becoming skilled in intuitive readings can help us navigate the difficulties of human interactions to include when to trust others, when to disengage with others, and when to tread carefully with others.  Everyone has intuition, it is becoming aware and listening to that inner voice that allows us to tap into our own intuition. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


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