The Life We Imagine


I want to share my most recent progress that through the combination of self love and intention, we can create our own futures.  I have spent the last four years learning self love, and that I am worthy of this love.  I have repeatedly attracted those who treated me with disrespect and unkindness because I believed within that I am not worthy of love or kindness.  It is this self loathing that attracted others who also loath themselves and others that resulted in my life circumstances.

This is an invaluable life lesson, as we learn what we don’t want in our lives to help us find what we truly want.  Through learning self love, I developed my sense of self and am giving myself the love I never received from my parents.  It is through this self love that I began to realize I am deserving of great love and kindness.  Through this genuine belief, I began to imagine a better life for myself.

It is through this belief that has allowed me to set my intentions for a different life for myself.  No more mistreatment by those I love, and no more tolerance of being blamed for the failures and misdeeds of others. It all came to me one day when I was counseling a friend who habitually places herself in the middle of conflicts and drama that cause her much pain and suffering.  I advised her that if she wants the pain to stop, she has the power to stop it by refusing to participate in these conflicts and drama.

After hearing my own advice to my friend, I realized that the power to end suffering and pain in my life is within my own hands.  It is through this awareness that gave me the strength to set my intentions to stand up for myself.  I now imagine the life I deserve with others who treat me with love, care, and kindness, but most importantly, these individuals love themselves too and are able to see the good in me as it is within them.  I am well on my way to the future I deserve!  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


6 comments on “The Life We Imagine

  1. What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.
    There are so many insights in this short piece of writing.
    That self-love is important.
    That the outer conditions mirror our inner assumptions.
    And that advice we give to others can often be meant for ourselves. Amazing. And it is wonderful that you found out of this dark pit and are a blessing to others now.
    Best wishes for your journey,

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