Seeking Love Externally

self_love_quote_maraboliMy recent shift resulting from my hard spiritual and healing work is significantly different than how I coped earlier in my life.  During my earlier life, I went from person to person seeking love, self esteem, and attention.  I sought this from lovers, friends, and family members.  When I failed to received this love and attention that helped boost my self esteem and worth, I became upset and disappointed.

I see that with many others around me who seek love, esteem, and worth externally, and become disheartened and disenchanted with those in their lives when they fail to find it.  We blame others for failing to love us, for our own failures and mistakes, and for feeling alone and isolated.  The truth is that this love, esteem, and worth cannot be found externally.  We must find this within ourselves.

As I walk this new path, I see others on similar paths, but they keep lovers on the side in the hopes of a “future together.”  How is this different than seeking love externally?  This is creating a fiction as the relationship on the side is like a life preserver preventing us from swimming freely in the ocean of the unknown.  Creating this fiction is a safety net like training wheels on a bicycle, and we never truly learn how to ride the bike when we refuse to take off the training wheels.

This illusion of a future with another is also flawed as our futures are unknown.  If we truly live in the present, we live our lives accepting whatever is before us, instead of our ego directing its desires, demands, and control.  We are all on this journey of life, and sooner or later, we all learn our life lessons, sometimes later rather than sooner.  May you find your love within. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


3 comments on “Seeking Love Externally

  1. Well said. I know the desires of the heart that God puts in us and we ask for His confirmations; are the things that He wants us to pursue. It’s a matter of how we choose to pursue those things. GOD is there to guide us as we seek these things.

    For example, a quote I wrote that touches exactly what you are saying is: “The love you seek is not on the outside, it’s within you. For your true love will come according to His Will.”

    Great post and blessings, Emma

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