The Beginning


There are no accidents. We attract people, events, and situations into our lives to learn the life lessons our souls need to learn.  What life lessons they have been for me in the past nearly five years since the rise of my Kundalini energy.  During this time, I worked to heal from my divorce, my childhood sexual and physical abuse by my father, and emotional abuse by my mother.

I attracted people into my life to heal this trauma and to let go of my past. Through these experiences with these individuals I attracted, I learned self love and worth, stood up to them for repeatedly abusing me, and finally, I let them go.  I believe that I needed to learn to let go of my traumatic past in order to move onto a different life and attract different people in my future.

In letting them go, I let go of the anger and resentment from their abuse, so I no longer hang onto them emotionally or energetically. I wish them well, and send them love from afar now.  It is a great relief to close this chapter of my life as it was very painful and full of suffering, and I do not wish to repeat it again.

I walked through this darkness to emerge on the other side alive, well, and happy.  All this hard work was well worth it to change my soul life forever for the better.  May you find your path through the darkness to liberate your soul.  (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


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