The World of Fear


Our world functions based on fear.  We fear failure, being alone, being hurt, being attacked, being unworthy, being unlovable, etc. Fear is a conditioning for the survival of our species. We survive because we retain emotional and mental memories of the fear so we do not get eaten by other animals, die at the hands of other competing humans, or become injured in a potentially dangerous situation.

These memories are retained in our senses as well as are learned and taught to us, and we retain this conditioned fear to survive.  For example, humans learn and instinctively know the smell of smoke so that when we are surrounded by fire burning out of control, we feel fear and will escape from this. It is a survival mechanism.  The downside of this conditioning is that we also can be conditioned by fear to limit our abilities to succeed based on past failures.  For instance, if we failed in a past endeavor, we may never try this endeavor again because we believe we will fail again.

Emotional or spiritual healing is to overcome this fear of our past conditioning to reach a higher potential for ourselves. During a recent conversation with a friend whose husband left her, she has been attempting to meet men online, in person, and anyway she can.  I commented that the fear of being alone is not a good enough reason to become romantically or emotionally involved with another.  Of course, she denied being afraid to be alone, but I explained that everyone is afraid deep within.

The biggest problem of overcoming fear is refusing to admit to the fear, so that we never get to the root of this fear.  For me, I feared being unworthy and unlovable or an emotional fear, rather than a fear of being physically or financially alone. Over the course of the past four years, I have worked to overcome this fear as I bought a new home for myself, traveled alone for four years, and have finally felt comfortable being alone by giving myself love and taking care of myself.  I believe I can survive happily alone now for the first time in my life.

I have used one technique, among others, to rewire the hardwiring of the brain to overcome fear in the following post: Rewiring the Hardwiring III.  This has shown me the true power we have over our fears, and my ability to overcome what I thought was the impossible.  We have power over our lives, and true power to change our path for our own higher good. (Copyright 2015 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


2 comments on “The World of Fear

  1. Thank you for writing this! The fear of being alone definitely kept me in a bad relationship well past its expiration date. I left a couple years ago, and am just now learning how to enjoy – truly enjoy and embrace – being on my own. I’m learning about solitude, rather than loneliness, and it’s incredibly powerful. I’m glad you’ve found some joy on your journey as well.

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