Forgiveness to Freedom


I forgive myself,

For not knowing what I did not know,

Before I learned it.

I forgive them,

For hurting me as they know not,

What they do.

Even in our awakened consciousness,

We still err without remorse,

Causing pain and suffering.

It is through this forgiveness,

That I free myself,

From my past darkness.

I give gratitude for your presence,

To show me within,

What remains unhealed.

I am free to fly and soar,

High above the clouds,

Onto the future I deserve.

(Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

Healing Past Trauma | Wake Up World

imageDid you know that every time you talk about an unhealed wound or trauma, you re-activate it in your emotional, spiritual and physical bodies? Since your subconscious mind does not know the difference between current experience and past memory, for all intents and purposes, as you speak, or even think, about an old issue, you experience it as if it is happening right now. By Contributing Writer Nanice Ellis

Source: Healing Past Trauma | Wake Up World

Like Ships in the Night

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One of the main life lessons on our spiritual journey is learning to let go.  It was one of the hardest and most painful life lessons.  In fact, I refused to let go for many lifetimes.  One of the main perceptions I had about myself was that of victim, and held that identity and pain associated with it.

Because of this victim identity I perceived of myself, I was repeatedly victimized first as a child and later as an adult.  I gave off victim energy from my emotional wounds, and attracted those who victimize others.  I am not saying that I deserved this, but I attracted victimhood into my life because this was my energy and perception of myself. Perpetrators can sense a victim in a crowd, and identify their victims prior to perpetration a harm.

Some of the signs perpetrators sense is weakness/vulnerability, low self esteem, need for attention, inability to defend ourselves, and lack of self love.  We all can sense this from others whether we are empaths or not.  Before I healed many of my emotional wounds, I attempted to protect myself by putting up an emotional wall or barrier, but that couldn’t protect me either because I was attracted to that energy as well.

When I began healing my emotional wounds after facing my trauma and darkness, I started to let go of those in my past.  Individuals who injured me simply left my life as if they just vanished.  Initially, I thought it was circumstantial or a coincidence.  Upon reflection, I realized that my energy no longer attracted them, as we vibrate at different frequencies now.  This was achieved through emotional healing and recovery work that I did for five years and also share on my Blogsite Homepage tabs.

It has been miraculous really, and people who hurt us simply vanish from our lives, but that is how vibrational frequency work.  When we vibrate at the same frequency as others, we attract and notice them in our lives.  It is simply quantum physics.  Otherwise, we pass them like ships in the night, without even noticing that they are there. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)