Breaking Down: The Dark Night Of The Soul

imageWhat is a breakdown? It’s the dark night of the soul, the lost feeling, the desire to give up, the tired feeling that comes with trying over and over and not seeing results in life.

Source: Breaking Down: The Dark Night Of The Soul


Life After Heartbreak


As some of my readers may know, I was involved for several years with a Kundalini active man who I met shortly before my Kundalini energy rose, who I believed to be my twin flame .  It turned out to be a karmic relationship and a heartbreaking one at that.  What I learned from this relationship was that I deserved to be treated better than he treated me.  He cheated on me with a married woman, sexually assaulted me, and gave me a deadly sexually transmitted disease. It doesn’t get more heartbreaking than this.

In the past year, I healed my broken heart, and finally overcame my childhood sexual abuse by my father which, I believe, was the reason for this relationship in my life.  This past year was a miraculous leap in the evolution of my life.  This relationship was a pivotal relationship in my life because it taught my soul a difficult lesson I finally learned that if anything remotely like this happens again, I would walk away immediately from that relationship.  This kind of violence and mistreatment will never happen to me again with anyone.

In the past, I feared being alone because of my low self esteem so I hung onto relationships even hurtful ones.  In learning to be alone now, I no longer fear being alone.  I confronted my fear, and now make decisions that are best for me and through self love.  As I move forward after this heartbreak, I finally stopped fearing being alone, being hurt again, and being unlovable.  It is learning my self worth that is allowing me to move forward fearlessly.

I also believe now that the man who will win my heart is a lucky man, and one that I will choose carefully and particularly because I am worth it . . . (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)