Art and the Artist


As some of you may know, I am an amateur artist in that I don’t sell my art work professionally. My interest in art began as a form of emotional healing and art therapy.  It has helped me tremendously to tap into my right brain where I believe emotional healing can take place.  As I delve deeper into art, I have met many artist friends, and in fact, about a third of my friends on Facebook are artists.

As I study art, I find so many famous artists are troubled human beings. They are drug addicts, alcoholics, philanders, and many are bipolar and suicidal.   Many are self-centered people, egomaniacs, and narcissists.   These artists include Jackson Pollack, Picasso, Rodin, Salvador Dali, Georgia O’Keef, Vincent Van Gogh, just to name a few of the world renowned ones.  I have included an article, about why this is, called Creative Madness.

People frequently confuse the artist with their art work.  I have learned that there is a big difference between the art and the artist.  We can appreciate their art, but not necessarily the artist.   We do not necessarily want to emulate the narcissistic behaviors of the artist, but only the creativity and beauty of their art work.  That is what I am striving for and believe that we can create beautiful art but we don’t need to be addicts, philanders, and suicidal to be artists.

Narcissistic or egomaniacal behaviors are choices they make, and it is not inherent in being an artist.  Regrettably, many great artists end up dead from addictions or suicides.  How sad is that?  Make art, but also make a good life for yourself as an artist without addiction, philandering, and living in self destruction.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


A Year


School of Life: Lessons and Tests


We are all attending the school of life whether you want to admit it or not. Life is a place where we learn our life lessons and are tested to see if we have truly learned these life lessons.  This really didn’t sink in until recently as I look back on my own life and reflect on the bigger picture.  Here is my story.

About five years ago, I was brought someone who served as an instrument for my life lesson and mirrored and reflected back the emotional landscape of my soul.  He was a soul connection from a past life who caused a very hurtful and painful trauma in that past life and in my current life.  He reflected back to me all the emotional injuries from this life and my past lives.  It was terrifying for me to have all this reflected back to include the traumas, abuses, and heartaches of my past and present.

Through this person, I was able to see that I did not love myself, had self loathing, was unable to protect myself, and had no idea what was healthy or wanted in my life.   Being with him was very painful because he represented all the things that was not working in my life and unhealthy for my soul life.  When we finally parted, I realized that he represented emotional wounds from my present and past that I never let go and released.  He represented the emotional burden that I carried around for many lifetimes.

Letting him go allowed me to release all this emotional baggage that my soul carried around, including the dysfunctional, dependent, and addictive dynamics with things, situations and people, allowing myself to be abused by others, tolerating disrespectful and deceitful behaviors, and being treated as second best.  It was the dark night of the soul experience for me to acknowledge that I allowed and voluntarily engaged in this relationship.  This was a major life lesson for me to learn about myself.

After I let him go, and felt a big release from carrying around this heavy emotional burden, others subsequently were sent to me with similar behaviors and traits.  Recently, I realized that these are the tests after my major life lesson.  It is intended to test me to see if I truly learned my life lessons.  I am happy to report that I passed my test.  After a short time of interacting wit this subsequent person, I disengaged with him, although we remain friendly with no animosity.

Certain people and events are brought into our lives who cause disappointments and heartache.  Closely observe your interactions with them.  They are intended to teach you something about yourselves and are your major lessons of life. If you take this opportunity to learn these life lessons, it will lead to major breakthroughs and transformations for your soul, and you finally will pass the tests.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)



The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree


There is a doctrine in criminal law that information derived from illegal searches by the police may not be admitted as evidence in a court of law.  Even any information flowing from information from an illegal search may not be admitted as evidence in a court of law.  This doctrine is called the the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree.  This law prohibits the police from benefiting from something that started out illegally.  This is how I see the Law of Karma working as well.

If the foundation of what we do is based in negative karma, then everything flowing from it is fruit of the poisonous tree.  I have seen people do very hurtful and harmful things to others, and any benefits derived from this negative karma is doomed as well.  For example, two people engage in infidelity with each other and lie to their spouses about it. They then end up in a relationship with each other.  There will forever be doubt about whether they will cheat on one another.  The lies they told to their spouses may be the very lies they tell each other in this later relationship.

In other words, their subsequent relationship is the fruit of the poisonous tree.  The poisonous tree was the infidelity they perpetrated against their spouses, and anything flowing from it also is poisoned and doomed.  I believe karma works in this way, because for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, also known as Newton’s Third Law of Motion.  What you do to others will return to you!  Therefore, do good and good will return to you!  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)


The Source of Your Happiness


worrying-is-a-waste-of-time-it-doesnt-chane-anything-it-messes-with-your-mind-and-steal-your-happiness-worry-quoteThis weekend, I spent a lovely Sunday having brunch and spending the day with my two close girlfriends.  We shared about our struggles and difficulties with our respective lives.  We talked about how others in our lives directly effect our moods and emotions.  In turn, affecting our happiness.  This was a great opportunity to understand why we allow others to affect our happiness.

Both friends had difficulties with their families. One friend’s sister was diagnosed with cancer, and the other friend worried about her father dying who had been sick earlier.  I am not saying we should not care about our family members, but why would we allow other’s illnesses directly effect our own happiness.  What we concluded is that we are really worried about ourselves.

One friend admitted that if her father died than she would be responsible for caring for her mother.  The other friend admitted that her sister’s death made her fear her own mortality.  In each of these situations, my friends are worried about something that have not yet come to pass.  Regrettably, their worries do not impact whether the event would happen or not.  In fact, all their energies are focused on worry and truly does not help them live happily.  Each of them admitted to me that they currently are not very happy.

I believe that they worry also because they fear losing their loved ones.  These fears occur within our own minds as these events have not yet come to pass, and the energy spent fearing and worrying is truly wasted.  In my own life, I have attempted to live in the present moment, and address what is happening immediately before me.  What has not occurred, I cannot predict and may not be able to control.

The worst thing to do for our happiness is to worry from fear, as it simply does nothing to improve our lives, but creates stress, anxiety, and depression.   Recently, I have come to realize that my happiness is not derived from others.  If people leave me, or I lose my job,  I still will be happy as I know there is something or someone better waiting for me.  I truly believe that once I do my very best and try my hardest, everything I need will come to me at the perfect time.

This belief frees me from stress, anxiety, and depression.  I can honestly say that I am happy about 90% of the time now, even if I don’t get exactly what I want in life.  I believe now that what is meant for me will never miss me, and what misses me was never meant for me.  This is the art of letting go.  This belief gives me the peace to live in the present movement without fear and anxiety. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)