Blessing Coming 



Evolving to My Higher Self


I have been feeling very lonely recently as I have outgrown so many people in my life.  During the past five years, I have been shedding energies of emotional pain, heartache, and sadness.  I am becoming the authentic spirit that is my higher self.  This road feels lonely at times.  As I sit observing my interactions with those in my life, I see myself no longer like them and no longer wish to participate in the old habits and behaviors.

Recently, I traveled to Los Angeles to visit some of my family members, and I find I have very little in common with them.  What drew and excited me in the past, grow tiresome and exhausting now.  It is difficult for me as I cannot express these feelings to them since it will hurt them.  I simply find myself pushing away from the negativity and dysfunctions, and feel distant and disinterested.

It is as if growing emotionally and spiritually require me to move beyond even my current life.  It can feel quite disconcerting to be moving beyond even the present.  What will my future look like?  Who will still remain in my life?  Who will be in my future?  These are all the questions I am asking, and don’t yet know the answer.

As I move forward, I am both excited and apprehensive as there is a distinct possibility that I will moving forward alone to meet my future.  My future awaits me that is still a mystery!  As I transform, my future will look different even than my present life, so as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)