Actively Letting Go


I am actively letting go of my present life that is something I have never done before.  What I am doing in my life now takes courage and bravery, I think.  During the past several weeks, I have been actively saying good-bye to those in my current life.  I tell them that I am seeking another job, and it may take me to another location.  I spend genuine and quality time with them although I find that my time with them needs to be shorten as my energy no longer resonates with theirs.

During our time together, I am saying my goodbyes and telling them how much I love and cherish the time we have shared together.  I find myself in tears at grocery stores, in my car, and when alone.  Letting go actually feels emotionally painful.  I guess they call it growing pains.  I also understand that if I don’t let go, I cannot grow and move onto my future.

I believe I will attract very different people in my future as they will resonate more like me.  Unfortunately, most of the people in my current life cannot come with me as they have not done the hard work necessary to move forward.  With those who hurt me in the past, I have no hard feelings, but feel neutral or indifferent.  Frankly, my energy resonates so differently from them that it can feel uncomfortable or dissonant when I am around them.

Actively letting go, I believe, will help me move forward in my process of growth as I am no longer fighting my momentum forward but flowing with this magnificent and powerful force.  It’s like floating in a river of strong currents, and just allowing the currents to carry me downstream.  There is where my destiny awaits . . . (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)

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