Real Prize 


Dark Energy


It is true that where there is light, there also is darkness.  I have come to the conclusion that spiritual people, including Kundalini active individuals are like all people. Some are good and some are dark.  I came to this conclusion when I encountered my first Kundalini active person who was full of darkness.

I knew there was trouble when he boasted to me that he could put thoughts into people’s minds, and make them do things against their free will.  At that time, my Kundalini energy had not risen, so I was bewildered at how he was able to do this.  He told me about how he could put ideas or thoughts into other’s minds to get something he wanted.  Sometimes, it’s a book or items he wanted.

Little did I know that he put ideas into my mind about loaning him money as he lacked abundance and struggled with supporting himself.  I then realized that I was not the only person who was manipulated.  He tended to focus on women he would charm our pants off.  After charming us, he would put these ideas into our minds as if they were our ideas.  I realized that I was being manipulated because I rarely loan anyone money, not even to my family members.  It was just a rule of mine as my family has a history of being enbroiled in conflicts and arguments over money.

Other women he wooed also loaned him money.  They were frequenty amounts of several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars as he makes a meager living. Be aware of your own actions and your thoughts triggering these actions.  They may not be your own ideas or thoughts, and if these actions do not conform to your normal behaviors, these actions may not be under your own free will. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Right Reserved)


On the Road Home


This past weekend of Reiki Master training provided the reflection I needed to focus on my spiritual healing journey forward.  As I commune with others, I needed to decide if I am ready to begin my Reiki practice, and upon further reflection, I realized that I need to take more time to heal myself.  It took me several days to figured this out.

As an emapth, I am able to feel others physical pains when I touch them.  Recently, I have acquired others pain and continue to feel it after I stopped touching them.  At first I thought I was taking on others physical pains, but upon further analysis, I believe my existing unresolved emotional pain was triggerd, and when that emotional pain was triggered, it manifested in physical pain.  In other words, I have the same emotional pain within as the person whom I touched that is why I continue to feel this pain after I stop touching them.

This shows me that I have not sufficiently resolved the emotional pain within me to begin my Reiki practice. Reiki practice will force me to touch others and be within their energy fields for an hour or more. Therefore, I need to be sufficiently stabilized within my own emotional, physical, energetic, and astro bodies in order to properly do the healing for others.  My motto is first heal thyself, then you will be able to heal others.

This also tells me that I still need to continue my current day job then as I am ready, begin to integrate my Reiki practice first as part-time then full-time.  I also decided to move to another school as I have done all that I can in my current school in putting in place the system and structure to help sexually assaulted, physical abused, and sexually harassed victims.  I am still overcoming my own fears of leaving these students, but there are good people here to carry on this work.

I still pray everyday for guidance so that I am doing the right thing for the students and coworkers I love.  May you find your path forward.  (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)