Your Emotions and Thoughts Have Power


Are you aware that your negative emotions and thoughts are caused by your fears? Our jealousy or envy that others are doing well, is actually our own fear of not being good enough. Our resentment that our love ones are moving away, is actually our own fear of rejection or abandonment. Our need to control everything and everyone around us is caused by the fear of being harmed.

These negative emotions and thoughts translate into negative energy that become who we are.  In my personal experience, I emitted this negative energy as I feared not being worthy, feared rejection and abandonment, and feared being harmed.  As a result, I experienced these negative emotions and thoughts regularly, and emitted this negative energy.

Because I emitted this negative energy, I attracted the very people who also feel unworthy, fear rejection and abandonment, and fear being harmed.  Because of their emotional wounds, they exhibited and acted out my very fears.  So they left me, cheated on me, controlled me, and physically and sexually assaulted me.  This is true irony, and this repeated over and over again in my life.

The only way out of this horrible cycle is to heal  your emotional wounds. Once you are aware of what is really happening, you will stop blaming others and looking externally for your solutions. The answer is not out there, but within you!   May you find healing and love for yourself. (Copyright 2016 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)