Emotional Release Pratice Revisited


It’s been several years since I last wrote about Emotional Release Practice.  Recently I had to revisit this technique as I had not experienced the full reactions and panic attacks that I had earlier experienced in my life when I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Panic attacks and negative reactions occur when we first have a negative thought in our minds. This negative thought is associated with negative emotions. The negative emotions we experience may be jealousy, anger, resentment, envy, etc.   These negative  emotions arise from our fears. We then react physically to these negative emotions and experience a panic attack.

The purpose of Emotional Release Practice is  to become aware of these negative thoughts when they first arise within our minds, and then to prevent the negative reaction or panic attack. Please see my earlier post on Emotional Relesse Practice for the specific technique.

This technique is difficult to master as the negative emotion will arise within seconds after the negative thought comes into our minds. The negative  physical  reaction takes only several more seconds to occur.  However, once we master the technique, it will become automatic in our every day life, and we are able to cope with the various negative thoughts, negative  emotions, and then the subsequent negative reactions that occur daily.

This technique is a coping skill to assist us while we are working on and healing our core emotional landscape.  Good luck with your spiritual and healing journey! ( copyright 2017 awakening journey with all rights reserved)


Awareness of Fear


In recent days, I have observed all levels of irony in my life and life of those around me. What I believe is that very few people have awareness of what is really happening to them.  Many people have lamented to me that they have no friends and are rejected by others.  They lack the awareness that their behaviors are driving others away.  In fact, it is this fear of rejection by others that caused them to become clingy, distant, or even sabotaging their potential friendships causing others to find them unlikeable.

Another recent situation is just such a reminder.  A young man was trying to make a good impression during an interview with me.  He was so focused on himself and his efforts to get this job that he came across self-centered and inconsiderate, while unaware of his behaviors. His fear of not getting the job resulted in him actually not getting this job.  Isn’t that just so ironic?

Many times, I have observed this type of irony as people are generally unaware of their thoughts and behaviors, but instead accuse others of hurting or rejecting them.  The reality is that they are causing these outcomes without even realizing it.  We attract what we fear.  Under the law of attraction, we attract what we think. If we think about fear, we will attract the very outcome we fear.

When we are fearful about something, we likely will behave in certain ways to counter this fear and inevitably, we cause the very outcome we fear.  If we become aware of our fears and the behaviors resulting from these fears, we can change the course and outcomes in our lives. (Copyright 2017 Awakening Journey with all rights reserved)



Living Beyond Fear

imageIt took me a very long time to understand about fear. I finally understand that living in fear is a choice.  I had identified with being a victim and living in fear, anxiety, and depression was a way of life for me.  When I started my spiritual journey six years ago, I realized that I have chosen a life of fear and lived in this state all the time.

All this changed when I wished and wanted to live a different life. I realized that to give up living in fear, I must give up my identity of being a victim.  This identity has been so entrenched in my psyche that I did not know how to live in any other way.

To begin to give up a life of fear is first acknowledging that we live in fear most of the time. We live in a society where we are fearful of being robbed, burglarized, mugged, and prepare for the worst to happen to us.  We spend large amounts of money on insurance, alarm systems, and protecting ourselves and our families.

Secondly, we must understand that perceived fear is created by ego. Therefore, before we can live without fear, we must release our egos. Please see my earlier post on Observing Ego Practice. Once we release our egos, we can begin to overcome our fears. Blessings on your journey! (Awakening Journey Copyright 2017 with all rights reserved)