Finding My Wounded Spirit

In earlier posts, I wrote about techniques in dealing with emotional issues. However, I was unable to explain how to spot these issues in our every day lives. Recently, I had a revelation about how to pinpoint and identity these emotional wounds within us. It is this simple. If we react to a situation, comment, or conflict, then it is our emotional wound and issue. This is where the healing must begin.

This is how I came to this revelation. Recently, during a conversation with my twin flame, he mentioned to me that he was drafting his will that included many family members. During this conversation, it never came up as to how I will fit into his life. I became upset and we fought over this.

Interestingly, during my earlier marriage, I also was not included in my husband’s will. This hurt me deeply and I was unaware of the wound that is still within me. The revelation that I had about this conversation was: (1) I have a wound that needs healing here; (2) I will not marry another man, who does not include me in his will because I deserve better as I love myself now; (3) I must heal this wound, from not being taken care of or truly loved by the men in my past, in order to move onto a healthier future.

Once I identify my emotional issues that still require healing, I will then use the techniques described in my Blogsite Homepage. May you find emotional healing and spiritual growth in your life. (Copyright 2017 awakening journey with all rights reserved)