Following the Tides

The spiritual journey flows like the tides,

Cycling through like a spiral,

Round and round it goes.

I stop to ponder where I have traveled,

Only to find my way back to the same flow.

It has taken me around and back,

To where I began.

It all seems so obvious and astute,

This time around.

Through each flow there is more clarity,

And the world becomes more vivid and clear.

The events of my life repeat,

But with each new wave,

I learn my life lessons.

The ghosts of my past remain in my past,

I then move merrily forward with knowing and wisdom,

Since the Infinite shows me where I must go.

(Copyright 2018 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)





Great Suffering of the Mind


As an empath, I have had the privilege of entering energy fields and minds of those I am attempting to help with healing their emotional wounds through Reiki and other modalities of healing work.  I have sensed and felt great suffering from those I am attempting to help.

What I have felt is that the greatest obstacles and sufferings are not from others or factors outside of us, but the greatest obstacles and sufferings are created by ourselves.  Let me explain.  When we experience anxiety, fear, and stress, most of these are perceived in anticipation of something we are about to experience.  This anxiety and stress is our fear of this future experience.  Some of these fears involve the fear of the unknown or failure in this future experience.  Other times, it is the fear of re-experiencing a trauma or negative experience we earlier experienced, but our minds cannot forget or let go of that past negative experience.

The greatest suffering is from our negative thoughts within our own minds.  It is our minds on automatic pilot filled with negative thoughts about ourselves and our future experiences. We essentially torment ourselves with these negative thoughts all day long.  Our moods and overall outlook are tainted and adversely effected by these negative thoughts.

The first step to changing our moods and overall outlook is changing our negative thoughts that haunt us by recognizing that we are doing this to ourselves.  These negative thoughts can be controlled and resolved through awareness, healing the wounds causing these negative thoughts, and rewiring our minds to positive thoughts.

Once we begin to understand where great suffering comes from – us, then we begin to become the masters of our thoughts and our minds.  It is learning to take back our own powers from our thoughts who end up controlling and tormenting us when we live on automatic pilot.  (Copyright 2018 Awakening Journey with All Rights Reserved)



The Karmic Hand

Waves of karma,

Flowing through lifetimes,

Follows you like the tides.

With each new moon,

Karmic tides resonate in the sea,

Reflecting back the same.

With one hand, it gives,

With the other, it takes away.

You hold the hand you are dealt.

Your very livelihood is taken away,

Without means or recourse,

Ponder not what you will do,

But what you have done.

The harms of your past,

Shall follow you,

The rest of your soul life.

(Copyright 2017 awakening journey with all rights reserved)