Coming into Clarity

951EB79C-3C40-4247-BACF-4C38D7A3F116.jpegOn our spiritual journey, we come to realize something very important. No matter what the gifts or talents we are given, our humans struggles are all the same. I believe this is what we are here to learn.

After my Kundalini energy rose in March, 2011, I was given the gift of insight, clairvoyance, and visions. However, as I enter my seventh year as a Kundalini active person, my human struggles remain the same. I still need to work hard, fight traffic, and deal with daily difficulties and hardships.

This is what I have come to learn about spiritual journeys. These journeys bring us back to the present which can be difficult as we are tested every day to be a better person, to have patience, and to love and have compassion. These are no small orders.

As humans, we live through fear, surrounded by trauma, and struggle to just survive. This does not change when we are given gifts from the Infinite. As I experienced my first decade of being a Kundalini active person, I have come to realize this important lesson. Blessings on your spiritual journey! (Copyright 2017 awakening journey with all rights reserved)