Living the Ordinary

On our spiritual journeys, there comes a time when all seems ordinary and the path is clearer. Let me explain.

During the spiritual journey, we work diligently to heal our emotional wounds, find our purpose in life, and seek inner peace. Through self love and acceptance, we begin to find this path forward.

On this arduous journey, at some point this path becomes clearer and the journey becomes easier. The daily hardship still remains but because the path is clearer, this clarity helps us through our journey ahead.

For me, this path feels like living an ordinary life without as much turmoil, drama, and suffering. This life does not involve expectations, judgments, and attachments.

What I found is that the extraordinary life that I thought I would live is really just an ordinary life. May you find the ordinary for your life. (Awakening journey Copyright 2018 with all rights reserved)