Last Tour of Duty

On my spiritual journey, I have been sent on missions from the infinite. I am told that this is my last tour of duty working with sexually and physically assaulted students at a college.

As I serve my last tour of duty, I ponder about this mission on which I have been sent. It has been the most arduous mission to date for me. I am physically and mentally exhausted from the chaos and suffering at this college.

As an empath, this suffering and pain can be intolerable for me. I struggle each day for self-care and protection against the toxicity and indifference at this college.

The political climate in the US with Donald Trump at the helm has made things that much worse for protection against sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking for college students.

During this mission, it has become harder and harder, and the work for this mission more arduous and insurmountable. This has been the most difficult and worst job I have held to date due to the people working here.

Part of my mission is to understand what I’m supposed to learn on this journey during my mission, and how I can transcend these hardships. Before I leave here, I hope to make this place a little bit better for our students and the next person responsible for protecting the safety and security of these college students. (Copyright 2018 awakening journey with all rights reserved)


Self Love for Empaths

Since my spiritual awakening, I’ve become very sensitive empath. With these gifts, I am easily fatigued and exhausted by the energy and the needs of others.

When I discovered that my purpose in life is to help college students in sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and sexual harassment situations, I began working on a college campus. The demands of this job can exhaust anyone but as an empath, I feel the effects more intensely.

Recently, the infinite sent me signs that I have not been taking care of myself including fainting from dehydration and fatigue. This weekend, I am enjoying a massages, reflexology and Reiki treatments.

I have made a commitment to myself to care of myself daily, including setting very clear boundaries and expectations with those who make great demands on my time and energy.

Self-care is a form of self love, and until we have loved ourselves, we cannot give love to others.(Copyright 2018 awakening journey with all rights reserved.)