Expectations of outcome as it relates to forgiveness

F63B39B9-E347-471A-82C7-D0D6A68C5C13As I reflect on my current circumstances in life, I have come to understand the connection between forgiveness and expectations out of outcome. Let me explain. As a child I was sexually and physically abused by my father. Throughout my adult life, I wanted vengeance and what I believe is a ‘fair outcome’ for someone like my father.

Many men were brought into my life who were either predators themselves or supported or enabled predators to injure others, including children. Through these individuals, I needed to learn my life lessons. What I did learn is that forgiveness has nothing to do with forgetting our past or the events that harmed us. These lessons were meant to teach us something important about ourselves and how to love ourselves.

The most important part of forgiveness is that we give up and let go of expectations of outcome that never came into fruition for us earlier. It is this letting go of the Expectations of  outcome that allows us to forgive and move on without carrying these burdens with us along our journey forward. This will give us true peace.

This part of forgiveness has been the hardest  spiritual work  I have had to do thus far. However, I feel I am reaching this closer and closer each day. When I accomplish this, I will finally be able to move forward and finally leave  my emotional pain behind me. (Copyright 2018 awakening journey with all rights reserved)



My recent phase of learning life lessons is about forgiveness. From childhood into adulthood, I have faced abuses, assaults, and other injuries. I know that in order to heal from my past pain, I must forgive those who have harmed me.

However, the trust with these people have been breached and I will always remember what they did to me. Now, I am learning how to navigate existing in the same space and future with them.

This has been difficult for me as I am trying not to take things they do personally but just to observe their actions. However, I no longer trust their judgment, statements, or intentions. It is this delicate balance of looking at things objectively, and seeing everything for exactly what it is without feeling victimized by their actions.

To transcend from the hardships and complexities of life means to objectively see the world exactly as it is without personalizing others’ actions. In this way, we no longer play the role of the victim.(copyright 2018 awakening journey with all rights reserved)