My recent phase of learning life lessons is about forgiveness. From childhood into adulthood, I have faced abuses, assaults, and other injuries. I know that in order to heal from my past pain, I must forgive those who have harmed me.

However, the trust with these people have been breached and I will always remember what they did to me. Now, I am learning how to navigate existing in the same space and future with them.

This has been difficult for me as I am trying not to take things they do personally but just to observe their actions. However, I no longer trust their judgment, statements, or intentions. It is this delicate balance of looking at things objectively, and seeing everything for exactly what it is without feeling victimized by their actions.

To transcend from the hardships and complexities of life means to objectively see the world exactly as it is without personalizing others’ actions. In this way, we no longer play the role of the victim.(copyright 2018 awakening journey with all rights reserved)


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