Resolving the pain of loss


When my kundalini energy rose in March 2011, I came to the knowledge that I had a daughter from a previous life time. I was pregnant with her out of wedlock, so I was forced to give her up for adoption. During that lifetime, I wondered if my daughter was happy, and if a good family adopted her. I believe that I continue to have difficulties with issues involving children for many lifetimes subsequently, because I never resolved my issues around this loss.

In this lifetime, I had the fortunate opportunity to meet a wonderful woman at my work, who became my dear friend. She has a daughter named Kathryn, who is strong-willed, beautiful, and smart. Kathryn and I have a very strong emotional and energetic bond, as I knew when she was coming into the world. During her mother’s pregnancy with her, I called my friend as I sensed something was happening. when my pregnant friend picked up the phone, she told me she was on her way to the hospital as her water had just broken. I also was at Kathryn’s birth when she became stuck in her mother’s birth canal,but her strong will helped her survive her birth.

This Thanksgiving, I spent time with Kathryn and her family. It was very clear to me that I needed to let go of the pain of loss from my past to move forward. Being with Kathryn gave me hope that my daughter had a wonderful adoptive family to care for and love her. It is time to let go of the pain from this loss from my past. May you heal from the pain of your loss.(Copyright 2018 awakening journey with all rights reserved)